[hpc-announce] Final CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS to MMSys2022: Mentoring tracks: Doctoral Symposium & PostDoc Mentoring, Grand Challenge Tracks

Ooi Wei Tsang ooiwt at comp.nus.edu.sg
Tue Apr 5 22:54:46 CDT 2022

 -= MMSys 2022 =-
"Enabling New Horizons for the Media Ecosystem"

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MMSys2022 Conference website: https://mmsys2022.ie/
MMSys2022 Conference Venue: https://mmsys2022.ie/attending/accommodation
MMSys2022 Conference Important Dates: https://mmsys2022.ie/authors/important-dates
MMSys2022 Call for Support: https://mmsys2022.ie/supporting-mmsys
MMSys2022 Student & EDI Travel Grants & Supports: https://mmsys2022.ie/attending/travel-grants-carer-awards

The 13th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (and associated workshops: MMVE 2022 (https://www.mmve-workshop.org/), NOSSDAV 2022 (https://nossdav.org/2022/), GameSys 2022 (https://gamesys22.wpi.edu/)) will be held from 14th to 17th June 2022 in Athlone, Ireland. MMSys2022 will provide a warm welcome to leading experts from academia and industry to present and share their latest research findings in multimedia systems. 

We are delighted to announce that, through SIGMM, we are providing a range of travel grants (student and EDI) and carer supports. See the conference website for more details.
Finally, please see below the final opportunities to take part in MMSYS2022: (i) the Doctoral Symposium (deadline now April 10th due to many requests); Grand Challenges (deadline April 5th); and a postDoc Mentoring even (deadline April 29th)).

MMSys2022 Mentoring - Doctoral Symposium https://mmsys2022.ie/authors/call-for-papers

MMSys'22 Doctoral Symposium (DS) will be part of the conference in Ireland for people studying towards a doctoral degree in a field relevant to the themes of MMSys (refer to the calls for papers on the various tracks and workshops). If you are a doctoral candidate who has found yourself reading or referencing work presented at MMSys in the past, or if for you the scope of MMSys makes you feel that this is a community that you would benefit from being part of, then we would love for you to apply to join us in Ireland.

The DS is a forum for you to share your work and ideas with fellow PhD students, and with more experienced researchers in your field. You will get the chance to present your plans, ideas, results and more excitingly, ask your questions and request advice from the MMsys community. The DS will take the form of a hybrid poster session, and you will briefly introduce your proposal to the participants in a plenary session. You will get feedback and suggestions from the community at large and a senior member of the MMSys community will give you in-depth feedback and address your questions. If you are successful in your application for a place in the DS, you will be invited to attend the rest of MMSys'22; the worldís leading international research conference on multimedia systems.

MMSys is an inclusive, growing and interdisciplinary community, so if you are not sure whether the specifics of your research are in scope then (a) they probably are, and (b) please email the chairs and they will do their best to advise you.

We invite ëmiddleí and ëearlyí stage PhD students, and for the first time, MMsys welcomes also early stage researchers who are currently preparing their PhD proposal to attend the DS. If you are still struggling with your PhD research questions, or if you have established your questions and have still got at least a year of work ahead of you before the submission of your dissertation, you can benefit from the DS. A proposal submission is required to apply for the DS. Your submissions will be peer reviewed. If accepted, you will be invited to present and discuss at the DS; either by attending physically or virtually. You can choose whether your proposal should be published as a paper in the ACM DL.

Submission system: https://mmsys2022ds.hotcrp.com/
Submission Deadline: 10th April 2022 2022
Acceptance notification:  21st April 2022

MMSys2022 Mentoring - Postdoctoral Researchers: https://mmsys2022.ie/authors/mentoring

In addition to mentorship for PhD candidates (see Doctoral Symposium), MMSysí22 will also provide mentorship to support the development of early stage Postdoctoral researchers or those looking to develop their own independence as researchers. The mentoring session will consist of: Several short invited talks, Pitch presentations given by postdocs and a networking event.

Submission system: https://mmsys2022.ie/authors/mentoring
Submission Deadline: 29th April 2022

MMSysí22 Grand Challenge on AI-based Video Production for Soccer: https://mmsys2022.ie/authors/grand-challenge

Organized and sponsored by:
* SimulaMet, Department of Holistic Systems
* Forzasys

Across different sports disciplines, soccer has a market share of about 45% of the 500 billion global sports industry. Soccer broadcasting and streaming are becoming increasingly popular, as the interest for viewing videos from soccer games grows day by day. In this respect, it is important to provide game summaries and highlights, as a large percent of audiences prefer to view only the main events in a game such as goals, cards, saves, and penalties.

However, generating such summaries and event highlights requires expensive equipment and a lot of tedious, expensive, manual labour.
Automating and making the entire end-to-end video analysis pipeline more intelligent is seen as the holy grail in sports video production, since it would allow for providing fast game highlights at a much lower cost. In this context, recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have shown great potential, but state-of-the-art approaches are far from being good enough for a practical scenario that has demanding real-time requirements, as well as strict performance criteria (where at least the detection of official events such as goals and cards must be 100% accurate). Even though the event tagging operation has by far received the most attention, it is the easiest initial operation in an end-to-end analysis pipeline, which includes various other operations which also need to be addressed for the overall purpose of generating game highlights.

The goal of this challenge is to assist the automatization of such a production pipeline using AI, assuming that the event is already detected and covered by other challenges like SoccerNet. In particular, we aim for algorithmic approaches for event clipping, thumbnail selection, and game summarization to be developed for soccer video streams. The challenge is open to any individual, academic or commercial institution.

Please see the conference website for further details and information on prizes for different tasks within the challenge.
Submission system: https://mmsys2022challenges.hotcrp.com/
Submission Deadline: 5th April 2022
Acceptance notification:  20th April 2022



YouTube, Adobe, Zinkworks, Unified Streaming, Roblox, Comcast, DASH IF, Forzasys, Disney Research, Streaming Video Alliance, Failte Ireland.

General Chairs
* Niall Murray (Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland)
* Mylene Farias (University of Brasilia, Brazil)
* Gwendal Simon (Synamedia, France)

Technical Programme Chairs
* Mario Montagud (University of Valencia and i2CAT Foundation, Spain)
* Irene Viola (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Netherlands)

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