[hpc-announce] Call for participation BSC-NVIDIA GPU Hackathon

Antonio J. Peña antonio.pena at bsc.es
Fri Sep 10 02:38:57 CDT 2021

The BSC-NVIDIA GPU Hackathon for HPC and AI and will take place on 
October 25 and from November 2 to 4.

This is a GPU Hackathon that offers scientists the opportunity to 
accelerate their Artificial Intelligence or HPC codes research using a 
programming model or machine learning framework of their choice.

Participants will have access to the resources of the MN4 CTE-Power and 
the technologies developed in the BSC that they will use are Extrae, 
Paraver and Dimemas.

This Hackathon is promoted by the centers of excellence RAISE, CHEESE 
and CompBioMed2 and is carried out in collaboration with NVIDIA.


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