[hpc-announce] Call For Participation for 6th Workshop on Approximate Computing (AxC21)

Savino Alessandro alessandro.savino at polito.it
Thu Oct 28 11:23:14 CDT 2021


6th Workshop on Approximate Computing (AxC21) - Virtual Event

The Sixth Workshop on Approximate Computing in conjunction with ICCAD 2021 will be a virtual event and November 04th, 2021 is approaching!
Register today: https://iccad.com/registration.php

(time zone is UTC-7)
(Technical program also available at http://perso.ec-lyon.fr/alberto.bosio/AxC21/#program)

07:20–07:30 - Opening (Welcome Message from Chairs)

07:30–09:50 - Invited Talks (40 minutes each (with Q&A) + 10 minute break)
 * Approximate Computing for Low Power Circuits and Systems
   Weiqiang Liu - Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China
 * Automated and Sound Approximation of Numerical Kernels
   Eva Darulova - Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS)
 * Approximate Computing – The Holy Grail of Low-Energy Electronic Systems?
   Jari Nurmi - Tampere University

09:50–10:00 - Break

10:00–11:00 - Session 1: Approximate computing in Machine Learning and DSP Applications (15m + 5m Q&A each)
 * Neural Network Hardware Acceleration Based on Hybrid Approximate Multipliers
   Authors: Siyuan Liang, Ke Chen, Pengfei Huang, Peipei Yin and Weiqiang Liu
 * CNN Compression through Retraining-free Weight Sharing
   Authors: Etienne Dupuis, David Novo, Ian O'Connor and Alberto Bosio
 * Combining Logic Refactoring and Approximate Computing to Power- and Area-Efficient Gaussian Filter Designs
   Authors: Marcio Monteiro, Ismael Seidel, Mateus Grellert, Jose Luis Güntzel, Leonardo Soares and Cristina Meinhardt

11:00–11:10 - Break

11:10–12:10 - Session 2: Approximate Design Techniques (15m + 5m Q&A each)
 * Approximate PIM: An IMPLY-based Approximate Adder
   Authors: Seyed Erfan Fatemieh, Mohammad Reza Reshadinezhad and Nima Taherinejad
 * Assertion-aware based approximate computing
   Authors: Moreno Bragaglio, Samuele Mori, Samuele Germiniani, Alberto Bosio, Marcello Traiola and Graziano Pravadelli
 * Task Scheduling on Mixed-Precision MPSoC
   Authors: Ahmad Sadigh Baroughi, Stefan Huemer, Hadi Shahriar Shahhoseini and Nima Taherinejad

12:10–12:20 - Break

12:20–13:20 - Session 3: Approximate Synthesis for FPGA targets (15m + 5m Q&A each)
 * Approximation Space Exploration for FPGA Accelerators Using Fault Injection
   Authors: Ioannis Tsounis, Athanasios Papadimitriou and Mihalis Psarakis
 * Exploring a Decision Tree Synthesis Flow for Approximate Circuits
   Authors: Isac Campos, Augusto Berndt, Brunno Abreu, Jonata Carvalho, Mateus Grellert and Cristina Meinhard
 * A Catalog-based AIG-Rewriting Approach to the Design of Approximate Components
   Authors: Mario Barbareschi, Salvatore Barone, Nicola Mazzocca and Alberto Moriconi

13:20–13:30 - Closing Session


General Co-Chairs:
Alexandra Kourfali - Stuttgart U (DE)
Alberto Bosio - ECL (FR)

Program Co-Chairs:
Alessandro Savino - POLITO (IT)
Jürgen Teich - FAU (DE)

Review Chair:
Mario Barbareschi - UniNa (IT)

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