[hpc-announce] FTXS 2021 Call for Participation

Levy, Scott Larson sllevy at sandia.gov
Mon Nov 8 15:15:43 CST 2021

11th Workshop on Fault-Tolerance for HPC at eXtreme Scale (FTXS 2021)
Sunday, November 14, 2021 8:55am-4:35pm (CST / UTC−06:00)

In conjunction with The International Conference for
High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC21)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA November 14 - 19, 2021

We encourage you to join us on Sunday, November 14, 2021 for the 11th edition of the FTXS workshop.  Our program includes two outstanding invited talks, five regular papers, and two extended abstracts discussing the latest research results on fault tolerance on extreme-scale systems.  

[8:55-9:00am] Opening remarks

[9:00-10:00am ] Featured speaker
"Fault Tolerance and Resilience in Neuromorphic Systems"
Dr. Catherine Schuman (Oak Ridge National Laboratories)

[10:00-10:30am] SC21 BREAK

[10:30-11:00am]  Regular Paper
"Doubt and Redundancy Kill Soft Errors—Towards Detection and Correction of Silent Data Corruption in Task-based Numerical Software"
Samfass, Weinzierl, Reinarz, Bader

[11:00-11:30am]  Regular Paper
"Assessing the Use Cases of Persistent Memory in High-Performance Scientific Computing"
Oren, Fridman

[11:30am-12:00pm] Regular paper
"Statistical Framework for Two-Party Acceptance Testing of HPC Systems for Reliability"
DeBardeleben, Burr, Penton, Walker, Loncaric, Jones

[12:00-12:15pm] Extended abstract
"Accelerating checkpoint/restart with lossy methods"
Ildes, Kastoras, Keller, Bautista Gomez

[12:15-12:30am] Extended abstract
"Characterizing Per-node Memory Failures Using Benford’s Law"
Ferreira, Levy

[12:30-2:00pm] SC21 LUNCH BREAK

[2:00-3:00pm] Invited Speaker
"Making Erroneous Executions on Quantum Computers Meaningful"
Dr. Devesh Tiwari, Northeastern University

[3:00-3:30pm] SC21 BREAK

[3:30-4:00pm] Regular paper
"Incorporating Fault-Tolerance Awareness into System-Level Modeling and Simulation"
Johnson, Lam

[4:00-4:30pm] Regular paper
"Relaxed Replication for Energy Efficient and Resilient GPU Computing"
Miao, Calhoun, Ge

[4:30-4:35pm] Closing remarks

QUESTIONS?  Contact Scott Levy (sllevy at sandia.gov)

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