[hpc-announce] [MiM Free Webinars]: Two industrial talks in June (7th & 21st) on in-memory computing

Nima TaheriNejad nima.taherinejad at tuwien.ac.at
Sun May 30 03:09:26 CDT 2021

Dear colleagues,

We have two more exciting talks planned in June. First, on June 7th, 
Fabrice Devaux CTO of UPmem presents their leading in-memory computing 
product already in the market. Next, on June 21st, Dr. Abu Sebastian, 
distinguished researcher and manager at IBM Zurich, presents their 
research on analog in-memory computing and the news of their most 
recently fabricated chip.

Please join us for our third Mondays in Memory (MiM) talk, “UPMEM DPU, 
architecture of the first commercially available PIM system”, by Fabrice 
Devaux, CTO of UPmem. This talk is scheduled for June 7, 2021 at 4pm CET 
and is followed by Q&A, and an open discussion with the speaker and our 
panelist Dr. Juan Gómez Luna from ETH Zurich and Dr. El Hajj from 
American University of Beirut. For more information, please visit MiM 

MiM is a new biweekly webinar series dedicated to all aspects and 
technologies for in-memory computing and in a broader sense near memory 
computing. MiM is free and open to everyone around the world (no 
registration is required), held on the first and third Monday of each 
month. To maximize the outreach, we begin at 4-5:30pm central European 
time, which is 7-8:30am Pacific time and 10-11:30pm Beijing time. Each 
webinar is consisted of an invited talk and a Q&A with the speaker and 
two panel members. The link to webinars are always posted at
shortly before the actual webinar. Check our future plans at

Feel free to forward this information to your students and other 
interested colleagues. We look forward to welcoming you all in our next 

Best regards,
Nima TaheriNejad

Nima TaheriNejad, PhD
TU Wien, Institute of Computer Technology,

Gusshausstrasse 27-29, Room CA0229
1040 Vienna, Austria, +43-1-58801-384-52

My latest publications (selected short list):
Efficient Respiratory Rate Extraction on Smartwatch @ IEEE EMBC 2020
RoSA: A Framework for Modeling Self-Awareness in Cyber-Physical Systems 
Autonomous Systems, Trust and Guarantees @ IEEE Design & Test 2020
UBAR: User and Battery Aware Resource Management for Smartphones @ ACM 
TECS 2021
Exact Stochastic Computing Multiplication in Memristive Memory @ IEEE 
Design & Test 2021
SIXOR: Single-cycle In-memristor XOR @ IEEE TVLSI 2021

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