[hpc-announce] Call for Papers -- AAIA'21 - 16th International Symposium on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications -- FedCSIS'21 Track; IEEE #52320 -- deadline May 24, 2021

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AAIA'21 - 16th International Symposium on Advances in Artificial 
Intelligence and Applications

Track within 2021 Federated Conference on Computer Science and 
Intelligence Systems (FedCSIS'21; IEEE #52320)


************************* COVID-19 Information *************************

While we have planned the 2021 conference to take place in Sofia, 
Bulgaria, slow progress in fighting the global pandemic has forced us to 
switch to the fully online mode. Therefore, we plan to organize FedCSIS 
2022 in Sofia, and hope that by that time COVID will be over, and we 
will be able to meet in person.

FedCSIS organizers



This track is a continuation of international AAIA symposiums, which 
have been held since 2006. It aims at establishing the synergy between 
technical sessions, which encompass wide range of aspects of AI. With 
its longest-tradition threads, such as WCO focusing on Computational 
Optimization, it is also open to new initiatives categorized with 
respect to both, the emerging AI-related methodologies and practical 
usage areas. Nowadays, AI is usually perceived as closely related to the 
data, therefore, this track’s scope includes the elements of Machine 
Learning, Data Quality, Big Data, etc. However, the realm of AI is far 
richer and our ultimate goal is to show relationships between all of its 
subareas, emphasizing a cross-disciplinary nature of the research 
branches such as XAI, HCI, and many others.
AAIA'21 brings together scientists and practitioners to discuss their 
latest results and ideas in all areas of Artificial Intelligence. We 
hope that successful applications presented at AAIA'21 will be of 
interest to researchers who want to know about both theoretical advances 
and latest applied developments in AI.

AAIA’21 is technically supported by: International Rough Sets Society.


     • Decision Support
     • Machine Learning
     • Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing
     • Rough Sets and Approximate Reasoning
     • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
     • Data Modeling and Feature Engineering
     • Data Integration and Information Fusion
     • Hybrid and Hierarchical Intelligent Systems
     • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
     • Reinforcement Learning
     • Bayesian Networks and Bayesian Reasoning
     • Case-based Reasoning and Similarity
     • Web Mining and Social Networks
     • Business Intelligence and Online Analytics
     • Robotics and Cyber-Physical Systems
     • AI-centered Systems and Large-Scale Applications
     • AI for Combinatorial Games, Video Games and Serious Games
     • Evolutionary Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation
Track includes technical session:
     • WCO'20 - 13th International Workshop on Computational Optimization


* David Bader; New Jersey Institute of Technology
Keynote title: Solving Global Grand Challenges with High Performance 
Data Analytics

* Rajkumar Buyya; Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Lab, 
The University of Melbourne, Australia; and CEO, Manjrasoft Pvt Ltd, 
Melbourne, Australia
Keynote title: Neoteric Frontiers in Cloud and Edge Computing

* Hristo Djidjev; Los Alamos National Laboratory
Keynote title: Using quantum annealing for discrete optimization

* Moshe Y. Vardi; Rice University
Keynote title: Lessons from COVID-19: Efficiency vs Resilience


The Professor Zdzisław Pawlak Awards are given in the following categories:

•	Best Paper Award (€600)
•	Young Researcher Paper Award (€400)
•	Industry Cooperation Award (€400)
•	International Cooperation Award (€400)

All papers accepted to FedCSIS are eligible to be considered as the 
award winners.

This award will be awarded independently from awards given by individual 
FedCSIS events (Tracks and/or Technical Sessions).

Past Award winners can be found here: https://fedcsis.org/2021/zp_award


+ Papers should be submitted by May 24, 2021 (strict deadline, no 
extensions, submission system is open, via EasyChair

+ Preprints will be published online.

+ Only papers presented during the conference will be submitted to the 
IEEE for inclusion in the Xplore Digital Library. Furthermore, 
proceedings, published in a volume with ISBN, ISSN and DOI numbers, will 
be posted within the conference Web portal.

+ Authors of selected papers of AAIA 2021 will be invited to submit 
extended versions of their papers to the following journals: Natural 
Language Processing Research and Human-Centric Intelligent Systems, 
depending on the paper's topic.


+ Paper submission (strict deadline): May 24, 2021, 23:59:59 (UCT-12; 
there will be no extension)
+ Position paper submission: June 14, 2021
+ Author notification: July 5, 2021
+ Final paper submission and registration: July 26, 2021
+ Conference date: September 2-5, 2021

Please forward this announcement to your colleagues and associates who 
could be interested in it.

Track Chairs
     • Ślęzak, Dominik, University of Warsaw, Poland
     • Matwin, Stan, Dalhousie University, Canada

Contact: aaia-track at fedcsis.org

Program Chairs
     • Świechowski, Maciej, QED Software, Poland
     • Sosnowski, Łukasz, Dituel, Poland

Contact: aaia-program at fedcsis.org

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