[hpc-announce] Call for Participation - PERMAVOST 2021 - 1st Workshop on Performance Engineering, Modelling, Analysis, and Visualization Strategy (co-located with HPDC)

Ana Luisa Veroneze Solorzano alvsolorzano at inf.ufrgs.br
Tue Jun 15 10:40:20 CDT 2021


1st Workshop on Performance EngineeRing, Modelling, Analysis, and 
VisualizatiOn STrategy (PERMAVOST 2021)
In Conjunction with ACM HPDC 2021, Stockholm, Sweden
Website: https://permavost.github.io

Program (times at CEST - UTC+2)

11AM - 12:30PM - Introduction and Keynote
"JUWELS Booster – Early User Experiences" - Speaker: Andreas Herten (Juelich 
Supercomputing Centre)

12:30PM - 1:30PM - Lunch break

1:30PM-3:00PM - Paper Presentations
- TALP: A Lightweight Tool to Unveil Parallel Efficiency of Large-scale 
Victor Lopez, Guillem Ramirez Miranda, Marta Garcia-Gasulla - Barcelona 
Supercomputing Center
- Predicting How CNN Training Time Changes on Various Mini-Batch Sizes by 
Considering Convolution Algorithms and Non-GPU Time
Peter Bryzgalov, Toshiyuki Maeda, Yutaro Shigeto - STAIR Lab, Chiba Institute 
of Technology
- On the Exploration and Optimization of High-Dimensional Architectural 
Design Space
Vincent Bode, Fariz Huseynli, Martin Schreiber, Carsten Trinitis, Martin 
Schulz - Technical University of Munich

3:20 - 4:50PM - Discussion Panel: "The Future of Performance Analysis and 
- Guido Juckeland (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany)
- Lucas M. Schnorr (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
- Max Katz (NVIDIA, USA)
- Olga Pearce (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

Keynote speaker: Andreas Herten (Juelich Supercomputing Centre)
"JUWELS Booster – Early User Experiences"
Over the last few years, GPUs became ubiquitous in HPC installations around 
the world. Today, they provide the main source of performance in a number of 
Top500 machines - for example, Summit, Sierra, and JUWELS Booster. JUWELS 
Booster is a recently installed Tier-0/1 system at Jülich Supercomputing 
Centre (JSC), currently the 7th-fastest supercomputer in the world, and the 
fastest in Europe. During installation of JUWELS Booster, a selected set of 
applications were given access to the system as part of the JUWELS Booster 
Early Access Program. The Program offered a unique opportunity for working 
with scientific application owners intensively and participate closely and 
collaboratively in the process of preparation for the system.

This talk will present first experiences with JUWELS Booster and the 
applications utilizing the system during its first months. Applied methods 
for onboarding, analysis, and optimization will be shown and assessed. 
Highlights of the state of the art of performance analysis and modeling for 
GPUs will be presented with concrete examples from the JUWELS Booster Early 
Access Program.

Panelists: Guido Juckeland (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany), 
Lucas M. Schnorr (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), Max Katz 
(NVIDIA, USA), and Olga Pearce (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
"The Future of Performance Analysis and Engineering"
In this panel, a team of four experts in performance analysis, parallel 
computing, and distributed systems discuss the future of performance 
analysis. A particular emphasis will be placed on how the growth of GPUs and 
cloud computing are changing the landscape of tools and techniques we are 
currently using. This panel will discuss the limitations of today's 
technology, the barriers to progress, the research which may help us overcome 
these barriers and provide insight into what future tools may look like. The 
panel is in the format of question & answer session given by the moderator 
combined with interactive communication with the audience. We encourage 
participants to join our interactive panel discussion

More information in: https://permavost.github.io

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