[hpc-announce] Virtual workshop on teaching heterogeneous parallel computing

David Bunde dbunde at knox.edu
Thu Jun 3 14:16:11 CDT 2021


The ToUCH project (http://touch.cs.txstate.edu/) will be hosting a
virtual workshop on teaching parallel computing on heterogeneous
systems, which are increasingly common across the spectrum from
smartphones to high-performance clusters.  We have developed modules
to easily add heterogeneous computing to courses such as CS 2,
Systems, Computer Organization, Algorithms, and Parallel Computing.

The workshop will consist of half-day group sessions on July 16 and
July 23, with individual or small-group meetings between these so that
you can prepare to use a module in your class.  Stipends will be

For more information:
   * Project website: http://touch.cs.txstate.edu/
   * Modules: https://github.com/TeachingUndergradsCHC/modules
   * Workshop information: http://touch.cs.txstate.edu/training_workshop21.php

Please contact us if you have any questions.

- David Bunde (dbunde at knox.edu)
  Apan Qasem (apan at txstate.edu)
  Phil Schielke (Philip.Schielke at concordia.edu)

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