[hpc-announce] Hack the Fog! Fog computing hackathon, March 26th-28th 2021 [Valencia (Spain) and also fully online]

Guillaume Pierre guillaume.pierre at irisa.fr
Wed Feb 24 01:05:46 CST 2021

                      HACK THE FOG! Fog Computing Hackathon
                                        March 26th-28th 2021
                             València (Spain) and also fully online

                            Application deadline: March 7th 2021.

Would you like to learn about a new IoT creation lab and create a 
prototype application for a more sustainable city? This is your chance!  
Las Naves and the FogGuru project invite you to participate in the "Hack 
the Fog!" hackathon. Use your creativity and super skills to 
conceptualise and design the most innovative application using the data 
from the IoT sensors installed in the environment of La Marina de València.

The basic requirements to participate are a computer and a lot of 
passion for new technologies. Four mentors will take care of the rest, 
guiding and supporting you throughout the challenge. You can participate 
as a team - making sure that at least two of you know how to program - 
or alone. The winners will win a PicoCluster of 10 Raspberry PIs.

The Hackathon will be held in Valencia (Spain) and also fully online.

The challenge of Hack the Fog! is to design and prototype innovative fog 
computing applications based on data collected through these sensors 
installed at La Marina de València. We expect developed applications to 
address one of the following topics (here defined in a very broad manner):

- Improve the experience of boat owners who park their boat at La 
Marina: quality of life for people who live in their boat, navigation 
assistance, etc.
- Improve the experience of people who come to La Marina to visit, enjoy 
the area, attend a sports or cultural event, eat at the restaurants, etc.
- Improve the way La Marina can monitor its own management of the area.

Detailed information is available in the applicant's guide at: 

NOTE: Basic knowledge of programming and software development in any 
programming language is required:
- Developments will be based on the NodeRed graphical programming 
- Knowledge of accessing and working with remote servers via SSH, even 
for face-to-face participants.
- Basic knowledge of the MQTT publish-subscribe protocol would be an asset.
- Basic knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes would be an asset.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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