[hpc-announce] Special Issue "High-Performance Computing Algorithms and their Applications 2021" in MDPI Algorithms

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Wed Sep 30 10:53:38 CDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,
scalable parallel applications are an enabler of research and
development in science and industry. For example, they allow us to
predict the impacts of diseases, weather, or earthquakes on society,
they enable the discovery of products such as drugs or constructions
like a fusion reactor. The fundamental methods and algorithms evolve
with the demand in the applications and the capabilities of hardware
and software environments to execute them. On the horizon are
revolutionary changes to the landscape of applications --  machine
learning and quantum computing are being integrated into traditional
HPC and large-scale workflows span across a single data center to the
cloud, fog, and edge. At the same time, numerical algorithms, e.g.,
for particle and mesh-based simulations are evolving.

This special issue aims to provide an overview of the research
frontiers of parallel algorithms and their application in science and
industry. We invite you to submit high-quality papers to this Special
Issue “High-Performance Computing Algorithms and their Applications”
covering the whole spectrum of application domains: Astronomy,
Biosciences, Digital humanities, Geoinformatics, ...
A submitted manuscript should describe the application domain, the
principles of the algorithms that address the problem, and
state-of-the-art on the field. The following is a (non-exhaustive)
list of algorithms of interest:

- Particle and mesh-based simulations
- Machine learning methods (in HPC)
- Quantum algorithms
- Applied numerical methods
- Spectral methods
- Algebra problems
- Monte Carlo methods

Dr. Julian Kunkel
Guest Editor

Dr. Julian Kunkel
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
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