[hpc-announce] EuroMPI/USA 2020 -- Call for -ONLINE- participants

Atsushi HORI ahori at riken.jp
Thu Sep 3 19:18:07 CDT 2020

Call for Participation
21-24 September 2020, TACC, Austin

The EuroMPI conference is the preeminent meeting for users, developers and researchers 
to interact and discuss new developments and applications of message-passing parallel 
computing, in particular in and related to the Message Passing Interface (MPI). This includes 
parallel programming interfaces, libraries and languages, architectures, networks, algorithms, 
tools, applications, and High-Performance Computing with particular focus on quality, portability, 
performance, and scalability. The annual meeting has a long, rich tradition, and has been held 
since 1994.

Due to the restrictions currently in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizing 
committee of EuroMPI/USA 2020 has decided to hold this year's conference entirely virtually. 
While there will be no in-person gathering, we will still conduct a full technical program which 
you can discover on the conference's program website. Registration for non-author attendees 
is free and now open (including workshop/tutorial registration) and is required for each day 
individually. This year's conference will utilize a mixture of live and pre-recorded presentations 
from contributing authors. We hope to be able to reach more people than ever before and look
forward to your participation.

Registration 	https://eurompi.github.io/program.html
	* Non-authors are FREE. 
	** Important Note: Attendees need to register for each day independently.

Program		https://eurompi.github.io/program.html
	September 21	10:00 – 14:00	Micro-Tutorials
	September 22	10:00 – 10:30	Opening
				10:30 – 11:30	Keynote - Martin Schultz
				11:30 – 13:00	Paper Session 1
				13:00 – 14:00	Paper Session 2
	September 23	10:00 – 11:00	Paper Session 3
				11:00 – 12:00	Paper Session 4
				12:00 – 13:00	Posters
				13:00 – 13:30	Closing Remarks
	September 24	10:00 – 14:00	E4S Forum Workshop
	*** All times are in Eastern US time.

Atsushi HORI
ahori at riken.jp

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