[hpc-announce] Call for participation: CANOPIE-HPC at SC20: Containers and new orchestration paradigms for isolated environments in HPC

Priedhorsky, Reid reidpr at lanl.gov
Thu Oct 22 17:25:35 CDT 2020


ENVIRONMENTS IN HPC (CANOPIE-HPC) at Supercomputing 2020

Date: November 12, 2020

Website: https://canopie-hpc.org

Program chairs:
Reid Priedhorsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sanjana Sudarshan, Indiana University

CANOPIE-HPC is a workshop focusing on containerization, virtualization, and
other methods to implement user-defined, bring-your-own, or isolated software


Technologies such as containers and virtual machines enable users to define
and build their own software environments, and then run them on different
resources in a portable, reproducible manner. These new workflows, with users
directly participating in creating and managing environments with tools such
as Vagrant, OpenStack, Docker, Podman, Singularity, Shifter, and Charliecloud,
are a transformational capability. In addition to greater flexibility and
agility for users, other benefits include greater portability and reduced
system administration costs. In particular, they make tractable a much-desired
paradigm shift in software deployment, enabling an HPC application and its
environment to be moved between platforms ranging from development laptops and
desktops to exascale HPC systems.

While adoption is growing, there remain numerous questions regarding best
practices, foundational concepts, tools, and standards. Our goal is to promote
and accelerate the adoption and impact of this new ecosystem to better address
HPC use cases. This workshop serves as a key venue for presenting
late-breaking research, sharing experiences and best practices, and fostering
collaboration in this field. Our second iteration will emphasize real-world
experiences and challenges with such environments.


November 12, 2020, all times EST (UTC–5)

10:00 am : Welcome/Intro
10:15 am : Keynote, Phil Estes (title TBD)

11:30 am : break

11:45 am : Garegin Grigoryan, Minseok Kwon, M. Mustafa Rafique, “Extending the control plane of container orchestrators for I/O virtualization”
12:10 pm : Jayjeet Chakraborty, Carlos Maltzahn, Ivo Jimenez, “Enabling seamless execution of computational and data science workflows on HPC and cloud with the Popper container-native automation engine”
12:35 pm : R. Shane Canon, “The role of containers in reproducibility”
 1:00 pm : Session 1 Q&A and discussion

 1:30 pm : break/lunch (2:00–2:30 is SC Workshops common break)

 2:30 pm : Wael R. Elwasif, Ross Whitfield, Jin Myung Park, Mark Cianciosa, “Containers for massive ensemble of I/O bound hierarchical coupled simulations”
 2:55 pm : Joshua Hursey, “Design considerations for building and running containerized MPI Applications”
 3:20 pm : Massimiliano Culpo, Gregory Becker, Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez, Kenneth Hoste, Todd Gamblin, “archspec: A library for detecting, labeling and reasoning about microarchitectures”
 3:45 pm : Session 2 Q&A and discussion

 4:15 pm : break

 4:30 pm : Lightning talks (details TBD)
 4:45 pm : Lightning Q&A
 4:50 pm : Panel / discussion (details TBD)

 6:05 pm : Goodbye / Go home


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