[hpc-announce] EduPar-20 free on-line workshop May 18, 2020

Tia Newhall newhall at cs.swarthmore.edu
Mon May 11 09:32:57 CDT 2020

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EduPar-20 free on-line workshop May 18, 2020, starts 8:30am CDT

We invite you to participate in the free, on-line, NSF/TCPP Workshop on
Parallel and Distributed Computing Education (EduPar-20).  A link to the live
on-line EduPar-20 workshop page, with a zoom link to join on May 18th, is
available off the EduPar-20 webpage: https://tcpp.cs.gsu.edu/curriculum/?q=edupar20

EduPar, in conjunction with IPDPS,  brings together individuals from academia,
industry, and other educational and research institutes to explore new ideas,
challenges, and experiences related to parallel and distributed computing (PDC)
pedagogy and curricula.  We encourage all participants to register for IPDPS.
IPDPS registration is free and includes access to conference and workshop
proceedings and email updates about the conference and its associated
workshops: http://www.ipdps.org/

EduPar-20 marks the 10th year of EduPar workshops. In celebration of this
milestone, EduPar-20 includes a special focus on "looking back" to what we have
accomplished over the past 10 years, and "looking forward" to challenges facing
PDC education efforts in response to future trends in parallel and distributed
computing.  The program includes:

* Keynote Talk: Margaret Martonosi, National Science Foundation and Princeton
  University, entitled  "The Computing and Information Science Landscape: A
  look forward."  Dr. Martonosi’s talk focuses on technical and societal trends
  and topics that will impact the future trajectory of computing, and
  highlights opportunity areas for education and workforce development across
  the computing and information sciences, with a particular emphasis on
  parallelism and advanced computing and information topics.
* Invited Panel of distinguished experts from academia, industry, national labs
  and funding agencies.  Panelists will lead a lively discussion of "looking
  back" at what we have accomplished in PDC education in the past 10 years, and
  "looking forward" to future challenges to PDC education, including future
  technical challenges as well as broader challenges related to diversity,
  broadening participation, societal and ethical issues.
* An Announcement of TCPP curriculum version 2.
* Technical Paper Sessions.   Authors will present their work on PDC education,
  pedagogy, curricula, and resources.

We hope to see you on May 18th!

Workshop Chair: Sushil Prasad (University of Texas at San Antonio)
Program Chair: Tia Newhall (Swarthmore College)
Program Vice-Chair Chair: David Bunde (Knox College)
Panel and Poster Chair: Martina Barnas (Indiana University)
Proceedings Chair: Satish Puri (Marquette University)

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