[hpc-announce] Invitation to the HPCCF Virtual Workshop(s): Toward a Globally Acknowledged and Free HPC Certification

Julian Kunkel juliankunkel at googlemail.com
Wed May 6 04:20:30 CDT 2020

The goal of the organized workshops is to discuss the opportunities
for establishing a globally acknowledged HPC certification process. To
allow attendees to attend regardless of their timezone, we organize
one workshop suitable for EU/US attendees and one for EU/Eastern
attendees. While the HPC Certification Forum has made progress over
the last two years, we still require the input and the contributions
from the wider HPC community to ensure that this will become a
community-endorsed effort. To make sure this is an independent
community-wide effort, we invite anyone interested in HPC teaching and
training to participate in the discussion.

The workshop(s) will be recorded and YouTube videos will be provided
on our webpage [1].

* Julian Kunkel
* Anja Gerbes
* Christian Meesters
* Julie Mullen

Key information
When  US/EU Workshop May 18th, 15-18 BST; 9-12 am Central time
           EU/Eastern Workshop  May 20th, 9-11 BST; 18-20 AEST
Details about the virtual workshop will be published to registered attendees

To register, see the page:
[1] https://www.hpc-certification.org/2020/05/04/workshop.html

Feel free to forward this email to potential attendees.

Julian Kunkel (on behalf of the HPC Certification Forum)

Dr. Julian Kunkel
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
+44 (0) 118 378 8218
PGP Fingerprint: 1468 1A86 A908 D77E B40F 45D6 2B15 73A5 9D39 A28E

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