[hpc-announce] VHPC Call for Participation [Zoom] : 15th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing

Michael Alexander malexand at scilytics.com
Wed Jun 17 20:50:12 CDT 2020

We cordially invite you to participate in the
15th Workshop on Virtualization in High­-Performance Cloud Computing  (VHPC '20)

The keynote is by Redhat on Podman (a Docker alternative) for HPC and
talks include Google on Autopilot (a production workload autoscaler on
top of the Borg cluster manager).

This year's focus is on
Orchestration (Kubernetes)
Resource efficiency via auto-scaling (Autopilot / Google)
Containers for HPC (Podman)
Lightweight Virtualization / Unikernels

The Workshop is being held online via Zoom.

Participation is free with registration at

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