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Fri Aug 7 21:43:09 CDT 2020

The deadline for HPC Asia 2021 has been extended:
2020/08/21: Abstract submissions due
2020/08/28: Paper submissions due

Please see the CFP below for details:
International Conference on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region (HPC Asia 2021).
Jeju, S. Korea, January 20-22, 2021
Organized by KISTI and KSCSE, in cooperation with ACM SIGHPC.
Papers Submission: August 14, 2020

* The deadline has been extended

* Important COVID-19 notice
We are continuing to monitor COVID-19 and how it will impact travel and the conference. If the speakers of accepted papers cannot travel, we will make arrangements for the paper to be presented remotely.

* Important Dates
2020/08/21: Abstract submissions due
2020/08/28: Paper submissions due
2020/10/12: Notification of Acceptance
2020/11/06: Camera-ready papers due

* Scope
High performance computing is a key technology to solve large problems in science, engineering, and business by utilizing computing power which has been evolving to the future. HPCAsia, which is an international conference series on HPC technologies in Asia Pacific region, and was held in the past several times in several countries in Asia regional site to discuss the issues on high performance computing and to exchange information of research and development results. Following the success in 2018, 2019, and 2020, the International Conference on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region, or HPCAsia2021 is organized in order to exchange ideas, case studies, and research results related to all issues of high performance computing.

* Topics
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Applications and Algorithms
 High performance applications (high speed, low memory, low power simulations)
 Computational science
 Numerical linear algebra and its applications
 High performance library and software framework for applications
 Parallel and vectorization algorithms
 Hybrid/heterogeneous/accelerated algorithms
 Fault-tolerant algorithms
 Graph algorithms
 Programming Models and Systems Software Track

- Programming Models and Systems Software 
 Programming languages and compilation techniques
 Tools and libraries for performance and productivity 
 Performance portability
 System management, resource management and scheduler
 Optimization for communication and memory
 Techniques for testing, debugging, reproducibility and determinism
 Techniques for fault tolerance and energy efficiency

- Data, Storage and Visualization 
 Big data processing with emerging hardware
 Parallel and distributed file systems
 Storage networks
 Storage systems
 Visualization and image processing
 Reliability and fault tolerance
 Scalable data management
 Transaction processing
 Integration of non-volatile memory
 I/O performance tuning, benchmarking and evaluation
 Experience and application studies on large-scale storage architectures
 Architectures and Networks Track

- Architectures and Networks 
 Memory architectures
 Interconnect/Network architectures
 Acceleration technologies (e.g., GPUs, FPGAs)
 Power/Energy-aware high-performance computing
 Dependable high-performance computing
 Architectures for emerging device technologies

* Paper Submission
Authors are invited to submit technical papers of at most 10 pages in PDF format including figures and references. Papers should be formatted in the ACM Proceedings Style (http://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template) and submitted at https://ssl.linklings.net/conferences/HPCAsia/
Submitted papers must be original work that has not appeared in and is not under consideration for another conference or a journal.

The review process is single-blind. Each paper will be assigned 4 reviewers. 1 months is allowed for reviews, and an online meeting among the track chairs will be held to determine the accepted papers. There will be no revision stage.

* Proceedings
All accepted papers will be published by ACM, and included in ACM digital library if presented at the conference. Please contact the Program Chairs for any questions/clarifications.

* Steering Committee
Taisuke Boku (U. Tsukuba)
David Abramson (U. Queensland)
Pavan Balaji (ANL)
Wuchun Feng (Virginia Tech.)
Soonwook Hwang (KISTI)
Takeshi Iwashita (Hokkaido U.)
Jaejin Lee (SNU)
Yutong Lu (GZSC)
Satoshi Matsuoka (Tokyo Tech.)
Bernd Mohr (JSC)
Hiroshi Nakashima (Kyoto U.)
Fang Pang Lin (NCHPC)
Serge Petiton (MDLS)
Depei Quin (Beihang U.)
Mitsuhisa Sato (RIKEN)
Putchong Uthayopass (Kasetsart U.)
Jeffery Vetter (ORNL)

* Organizing Committee
General co-chair:  Soonwook Hwang (KISTI)
General co-chair:  Heon Young Yeom (SNU)
Program committee co-chair:  Jaehyuk Huh (KAIST)
Program committee co-chair:  Rio Yokota (Tokyo Tech.)
Proceedings chair & Vice PC chair:  Jaehwan Lee (Korea Aerospace U.)
Workshop chair:  Dongjun Kim (KAIST)
Poster chair:  Jik-Soo Kim (Myongji Univ.)
Exhibition chair:  Sik Lee (KISTI)
Finance chair:  Changhoon Lee (Yonsei Univ.)

- Application and Algorithms
Track co-chair: Min Sun Yeom (KISTI) <msyeom at kisti.re.kr>
Track co-chair: Wataru Shinoda (Nagoya U.) <w.shinoda at chembio.nagoya-u.ac.jp>
Yoshimichi	Andoh		(National Institute for Materials Science)
Kihyeon		Cho			(KISTI)
Sun		Choi		(Ewha Womans University)
Kazushi		Fujimoto	(Nagoya University)
Kohei		Fujita		(The University of Tokyo, RIKEN)
Seungwu		Han			(Seoul National University)
Yoshiki		Ishii		(University of Hyogo)
Yousung		Jung		(KAIST)
Kota		Kasahara	(Ritsumeikan Univeristy)
Jinho		Kim			(Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
Doris		Kim			(Soongsil University)
Sang Kyu		Kwak		(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
Junard		Lee			(Intel)
Akira		Naruse		(NVIDIA)
Kentaro		Nomura		(Kobe University)
Changbom	Park		(KIAS)
Sangjae		Seo			(KISTI)
Ilyeop		Sohn		(KISTI)
Hiroshi		Watanabe	(Keio University)
Toshio		Watanabe	(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Sukyoung	Yi			(Yonsei University)

- Programming Models and Systems Software 
Track co-chair: Hyun-Wook Jin (Konkuk U.) <jinh at konkuk.ac.kr>
Track co-chair: Min Si (ANL) <msi at anl.gov>
Junya		Arai		(Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)
Neelima		Bayyapu		(NITK Surathkal)
Quan		Chen		(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Amelie		Chi Zhou	(Inria)
Balazs		Gerofi		(RIKEN Advanced Institute For Computational Science)
Stephen		Herbein		(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Jaejin		Lee			(Seoul National University)
Shigang		Li			(ETH Zurich)
Hyojin		Sung		(Pohang University of Science and Technology)
Youngmin	Yi			(University of Seoul)
Jidong		Zhai		(Tsinghua University)

- Data, Storage and Visualization
Track co-chair: Youngjae Kim (Sogang Univ.) <youkim at sogang.ac.kr>
Track co-chair: Brad Settlemyer (LANL) <bws at lanl.gov>
Narasimha	Annapareddy	(Texas A&M University)
Ayan		Biswas		(Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Junghoon	Chae		(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Claire		Guilbaud	(CEA)
Shadi		Ibrahim		(Inria)
Hideyuki	Kawashima	(University of Tsukuba)
Sangkeun	Lee			(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Xiaosong	Ma			(Qatar Computing Research Institute)
Mark		Miller		(Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Beomseok	Nam			(Sungkyunkwan University)
John		Patchett	(Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Shinji		Sumimoto	(Fujitsu Laboratories)
Sudharshan	Vazhkudai	(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Ming		Zhao		(Arizona State University)

- Architectures and Networks
Track co-chair: Won Woo Ro (Yonsei University) <wro at yonsei.ac.kr>
Track co-chair: Toshihiro Hanawa (U. Tokyo) <hanawa at cc.u-tokyo.ac.jp>
Eishi		Arima		(The University of Tokyo)
Hajime		Fujita		(Intel)
Minsik		Kim			(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)
Ji-Hoon		Kim			(Ewha Womans University)
Hanjun		Kim			(Yonsei University)
Youngsok	Kim			(Yonsei University)
Hiroki		Matsutani	(Keio University)
Takatsugu	Ono			(Kyushu University)
Yongjun		Park		(Hanyang University)
Jongse		Park		(KAIST)
Kentaro		Sano		(Tohoku University)

Contact address:
hpcasia2021pcchairs at gmail.com

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