[hpc-announce] [CFP] DEBS 2020 - Call for Demos, Posters, and Doctoral Symposium

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[CFP] DEBS 2020 - Call for Demos, Posters, and Doctoral Symposium

More information: https://2020.debs.org/
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Statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As of April 13, given the current situation of COVID19 and the
likelihood of longer-term travel advisory, the decision has been made
to hold DEBS online. The organizing committee is aiming in providing an
exciting virtual conference, and is currently considering various
options of online delivery. Note that the conference proceedings of all
tracks for DEBS 2020 will proceed as planned. All accepted papers for
all tracks will be available on the ACM Digital Library in early July
2020. We will monitor closely other conferences, as well as the
situation on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and provide updates as they become
available through our various channels (Website, Twitter, Facebook,

DEBS 2020 - Call for Demos, Posters, and Doctoral Symposium

# Objective
Over the past decade, the ACM International Conference on Distributed
and Event‐based Systems (DEBS) has become the premier venue for
academia and industry to discuss cutting-edge research of event-based
computing related to Big Data, AI/ML, IoT and Distributed Systems. The
objectives of the ACM International Conference on Distributed and
Event‐Based Systems (DEBS) are to provide a forum dedicated to the
dissemination of original research, the discussion of practical
insights, and the reporting of experiences relevant to distributed
systems and event‐based computing. The conference aims at providing a
forum for academia and industry to exchange ideas.

# Demos
Demonstrations present first-hand experience with research prototypes
or operational systems. Demonstrations also provide opportunities to
exchange ideas gained from implementing event-based systems and to
obtain feedback from expert users. Demonstration submissions are
welcomed in any of the areas identified in the scope of the conference
(see https://2020.debs.org for the detailed scope of the conference).
The authors are expected to prepare a poster and perform live software

Demonstration submissions describe in 4 pages, following the ACM format
for the conference proceedings, the objectives and findings addressed
by the demonstration. The demonstration submission are single-blind.
All demo submissions should have a prefix “Demo:” in their title. All
submissions should provide a URL to a live online version of their demo
or, alternatively, provide a URL (e.g, Youtube) to a video showcasing
the main features of their demo. Demonstrations that make their source
code freely available are especially encouraged. In addition, authors
should describe in a clearly marked appendix, the setup of the
demonstration and the requirements. Accepted contributions will be
published (excluding the appendix) by ACM and disseminated through the
ACM Digital Library.

For submissions please use the following link: 

# Posters
Poster presentations offer researchers an excellent forum to present
and discuss preliminary research findings as well as novel and original
ideas related to DEBS. Submissions describe ideas, approaches, and
possibly preliminary findings, following the ACM format for the
conference proceedings using up to 2 pages. Poster submissions are also
single-blind. All poster submissions should have a prefix “Poster:”
Accepted contributions will be published by ACM and disseminated
through the ACM Digital Library.

For submissions please use the following link: 

# Doctoral Symposium
The goal of the Doctoral Symposium is to provide a supportive setting
in which Ph.D. students can present and receive feedback on their work.
Students at different stages in their research will be able to present
and discuss their problem statement, goals, methods and results. The
forum aims to provide students with useful guidance on various aspects
of their research from established researchers and other Ph.D. students
working in research areas related to distributed event-based systems.
Additionally, the forum aims to enable Ph.D. students to interact with
other participants in order to stimulate an exchange of ideas,
suggestions and experiences.
The symposium welcomes submissions by Ph.D. candidates working on the
topics of DEBS 2020. Accepted submissions will lead to a presentation
during the doctoral symposium, and may additionally provide an
opportunity to present a poster at the main conference.
Short papers will be published in a Doctoral Symposium section of the
DEBS proceedings. The choice of short paper is to ensure that future
publication of the work in conferences/journals is not precluded, while
still providing an opportunity to receive citations. Accepted
submissions will be made available electronically to all participants.

The forum is open to all Ph.D. students. Ph.D. students at the
beginning of their research journey are particularly welcome when they
have a well-defined problem statement and some ideas about the solution
that they want to discuss. Ph.D. students in a more advanced stage of
their research should still have a sufficient time remaining before
completing their dissertation so as to be able to benefit from feedback
provided from participation in the DEBS Doctoral Symposium.

Please submit proposals via HotCRP at 
Inquiries can be sent to debs2020-doctoral-symposium at cs.otago.ac.nz.

# Important Dates
Poster, Demo & Doctoral symposium paper submission: May 10th, 2020
Notification of acceptance: May 20th, 2020
Camera ready deadline: May 28th, 2020
Conference: July 13 – 17th, 2020

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