[hpc-announce] EuroP4 - The 2nd P4 Workshop in Europe

Fernando Ramos fvramos at ciencias.ulisboa.pt
Mon Sep 9 06:55:06 CDT 2019


EuroP4 - The 2nd P4 Workshop in Europe

An ANCS 2019 Workshop presented by the P4 Language Consortium September 23rd, 2019 Cambridge, UK

The EuroP4 workshop will bring together networking researchers to discuss cutting-edge, P4-based, research.
The workshop provides a venue for P4-based research and projects: a place to discuss P4-based tools as well
as new enablers. The workshop aims to forge connections between researchers, introduce more networking
researchers to the P4 community, and seed future top-tier publications and innovation.

** Registration **

To register, visit: http://www.ancsconf.org/home/registration-2019

** Organising Committee **

General Chairs
Noa Zilberman, University of Cambridge
Robert Soulé, Yale University

Program Chairs
Gianni Antichi, Queen Mary University of London
Fernando Ramos, University of Lisbon

For further information, visit: https://p4.org/events/2019-09-23-euro-p4-workshop/

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