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Call for Chapter contributions for the forthcoming book on:
Energy Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things
Edited by Faisal Karim Shaikh and Sherali Zeadally
to be published in 2020 by IET press, United Kingdom as part of the IET
international Book Series on Sensors

Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to invite you and colleagues in your team to contribute a
chapter to our forthcoming book, " Energy Harvesting in Wireless Sensor
Networks and Internet of Things", edited by Faisal Karim Shaikh and Sherali
Zeadally to be published by IET Press, United Kingdom in 2020. All
submitted chapters for this book will be peer-reviewed by experts in the

The notion of a widely interconnected, adaptive, and dynamic ubiquitous
computing environment has been proposed for decades. Only recently Wireless
Sensor Networks (WSNs) and Internet of Things (IoT) architectures have
attracted a lot of attention due to their pervasive nature and their wide
deployment in various areas of our daily life. WSN/IoT devices are being
deployed 'everywhere' and will be accessed 'anytime, anywhere'. Many of
these WSN and IoT devices perform monitoring and control functions in the
smart-x applications and difficult-to-access areas. Generally, for WSN/IoT
we foresee neither cable-power nor frequent battery replacement devices
because of their deployment conditions, or simply because of convenience.
The energy efficiency paradigm associated with WSN/IoT is a major
bottleneck of the development of technologies in this environment. To
overcome this major limitation, the design and development of efficient and
high performance energy harvesting systems for WSN/IoT environments are
being explored.

The proposed book will present a comprehensive taxonomy of the various
energy harvesting sources and techniques that can be used by WSN/IoT. It
will also cover various recently proposed energy harvesting, energy
management and energy prediction models that have the potential to maximize
the energy harvested. Furthermore, the book will identify major advances
for different architectures to develop cost-effective, efficient, and
reliable energy harvesting systems for emerging systems.

The proposed book intends to include, but is not limited to, chapters in
the following broad topics and themes:
Ambient Energy Harvesting Techniques for WSN/IoT
RF Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Light Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Thermal Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Wind/Hydro Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Vibration Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Pressure Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Stress-Strain Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Activity based Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Physiological based Energy Harvesting in WSN/IoT
Hybrid Energy Harvesting Techniques in WSN/IoT
Energy Management Techniques in WSN/IoT
Energy Harvesting Architectures in WSN/IoT
Energy Harvesting Modeling for WSN/IoT
Energy Harvesting Tools for WSN/IoT
Energy Harvesting Testbeds and Empirical Evaluations for WSN/IoT

Please submit a 2-page chapter proposal clearly describing and explaining
the topic of the proposed chapter. The proposals should include the full
author list with affiliations and contact information, a brief introduction
and a short list of key references.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
any member of the editorial team: faisal.shaikh at faculty.muet.edu.pk and
szeadally at uky.edu

Timeline for the book (with expected publication date in 2020)
November 15, 2019  | Proposals submission Deadline
November 25, 2019  | Notification of acceptance
January 30, 2020   | Full chapter submission
March 15, 2020     | Review results returned
April 30, 2020   | Final revised chapters due
May 15, 2020   | Final acceptance notification
Fall 2020   | Expected publication


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