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32nd Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC)
October 22-24 2019 at Georgia Tech, Atlanta
LCPC 2019 registration is now open at https://lcpc19.cc.gatech.edu/registration/ . LCPC 2019 will have an exciting technical program consisting of keynotes on emerging topics including Quantum Computing, invited talks by top researchers in the field in addition to both original papers as well as position papers. The highlights of the LCPC 2019 program are available at https://lcpc19.cc.gatech.edu/program/ . The early registration closes on October 8th - so please register soon.
Note on Accommodation: Conference hotel booking link at https://lcpc19.cc.gatech.edu/accommodations/ is expired. But please let us know if you need help with accommodation while we resolve this issue.
The 32nd Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC) will be held on October 22-24 2019 at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. Since its founding in 1988, the LCPC workshop has been a leading venue for cutting-edge research on all aspects of parallel programming systems --- including programming models, languages, compilers, runtime systems and tools --- for a diverse range of application domains and computing platforms. The scope of the workshop includes advances in programming systems for current domains and platforms, e.g., scientific computing, batch/streaming/real-time data analytics, machine learning, cognitive computing, heterogeneous/reconfigurable computing, mobile computing, cloud computing, IoT, as well as forward-looking computing domains such as analog and quantum computing. Bold new ideas in programming systems are critical for the success of computing platforms in the Moore's Law end-game and post-Moore eras. LCPC offers a highly interactive forum for dissemination of innovative research contributions as well as in-depth discussions of novel and emerging ideas. As in past years, LCPC 2019 aims to bring together researchers from academia, national labs and industry to create and strengthen new research collaborations.
Tentative Program:
List of accepted papers and position papers:
-  Performance of Static and Dynamic Task Scheduling for Real-Time Control System on Embedded Multicore Processor, Yoshitake Oki (Waseda University) et al.
- PostSLP: Cross-Region Vectorization of Fully or Partially Vectorized Code, Vasileios Porpodas (Intel Corporation) et al.
- FLARE: Flexibly Sharing Commodity GPUs to Enforce QoS and Improve Utilization, Wei Han (Colorado School of Mines) et al.
- Consistency types for distributed programming languages, Xin Zhao (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) et al.
- Common Subexpression Convergence: A New Code Optimization for SIMT processors, Sana Damani (Georgia Tech) et al.
- Using performance event profiles to deduce an execution model of MATLAB with Just-In-Time compilation, Patryk Kiepas (MINES ParisTech / PSL University) et al.
- Compiler Leasing of Accelerator Memory (CLAM) Using Lease Cache, Chen Ding (University of Rochester) et al.
- Abstractions for Polyhedral Topology-Aware Tasking, Martin Kong (University of Oklahoma) et al.
- SWIRL++: Evaluating Performance Models to Guide Code Transformation in Convolutional Neural Networks, Tharindu Rusira (University of Utah) et al.
- Structured Grid Solver with Polyhedral+Dataflow Representation, Eddie C. Davis (Boise State University) et al.
- CubeGen: Code Generation for Accelerated GEMM-based Convolution with Tiling, Amarin Phaosawasdi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) et al.
Keynote Speakers:
- Fred Chong
- Madan Musuvathi
Invited Talks:
- Albert Cohen
- Mary Hall
- Xinmin Tian
- Milind Kulkarni
- Vikram Adve
- Fredrik (Fred) Kjolstad
- P Sadayappan
- Is a Post Moore’s Law Compiler Renaissance needed? conducted by Rudi Eigenmann, U of Delaware
Workshop Chairs: Santosh Pande and Vivek Sarkar, Georgia Institute of Technology.
Please see the workshop website (https://lcpc19.cc.gatech.edu/) for additional details, including venue details and the full program committee.
Address questions to: lcpc2019 -at- gatech.edu

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