[hpc-announce] [Call For Participation] 14th Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science Workshop

Hoang Anh Nguyen uqhngu36 at uq.edu.au
Fri Nov 1 02:48:04 CDT 2019

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14th Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science Workshop
Sunday 17 November 2019, 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Denver, CO
Room 708
Held in conjunction with SC19, http://sc19.supercomputing.org/

Call For Participation

The program of the 14th Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science
(WORKS) Workshop is now available (http://works.cs.cardiff.ac.uk/progra


9:00+IBQ-9:10+AKA-	Welcome. Sandra Gesing, Rafael Ferreira da Silva

9:10+IBQ-10:00+AKA-	Keynote: Priority Research Directions for In Situ
Data Management: Enabling Scientific Discovery from Diverse Data
Sources. Tom Peterka

10:00+IBQ-10:30	Coffee Break

Session:+AKA-	+IBw-Provenance+IB0AoA-

10:30+IBQ-11:00	Provenance Data in the Machine Learning Lifecycle in
Computational Science and Engineering. Renan Souza, Leonardo Azevedo,
V+AO0-tor Louren+AOc-o, Elton Soares, Raphael Thiago, Rafael Brand+AOM-o, Daniel
Civitarese, Emilio Brazil, Marcio Moreno, Patrick Valduriez, Marta
Mattoso, Renato Cerqueira and Marco Netto

Session:+AKA-	+IBw-Performance Analysis+IB0AoA-

11:00+IBM-11:30+AKA-	A Codesign Framework for Online Data Analysis and
Reduction. Kshitij Mehta, Bryce Allen, Matthew Wolf, Jeremy Logan, Eric
Suchyta, Jong Choi, Keichi Takahashi, Igor Yakushin, Todd Munson, Ian
Foster and Scott Klasky

11:30+IBQ-12:00+AKA-	Top-Down Performance Analysis Methodology for
Workflows: Tracking Performance Issues from Overview to Individual
Operations. Ronny Tschueter, Christian Herold, William Williams,
Maximilian Knespel and Matthias Weber

12:00+IBQ-12:15+AKA-	Data-Aware and Simulation-Driven Planning of
Scientific Workflows on IaaS Clouds. Tchimou N'Takp+AOk-, Jean Edgar
Gnimassoun, Souleymane Oumtanaga and Frederic Suter

12:15+IBQ-12:30	Exploration of Workflow Management Systems Emerging
Features from Users Perspectives. Ryan Mitchell, Lo+AO8-c Pottier, Steve
Jacobs, Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Mats Rynge, Karan Vahi and Ewa

12:30+IBQ-14:00+AKA-	Lunch (On your own)

14:00+IBQ-14:30	Incorporating Scientific Workflows in Computing
Research Processes. Shantenu Jha, Scott Lathrop, Jarek Nabrzyski,
Lavanya Ramakrishnan

Session:+AKA-	+IBw-Workflow Applications I+IB0AoA-

14:30+IBQ-15:00+AKA-	Comparing GPU Power and Frequency Capping: A Case
Study with the MuMMI Workflow. Tapasya Patki, Zachary Frye, Harsh
Bhatia, Francesco Di Natale, James Glosli, Helgi Ingolfsson and Barry

15:00+IBQ-15:30+AKA-	Coffee Break

Session:+AKA-	+IBw-Workflow Applications II+IB0AoA-

15:30+IBQ-15:45+AKA-	Inter-Job Scheduling for High-Throughput Material
Screening Applications. Zhihui Du, Xinning Hui, Yurui Wang, Jun Jiang,
Jason Liu, Baokun Lu and Chongyu Wang

15:45+IBQ-16:00+AKA-	Empowering Agroecosystem Modeling with HTC
Scientific Workflows: The Cycles Model Use Case. Rafael Ferreira da
Silva, Rajiv Mayani, Yuning Shi, Armen R. Kemanian, Mats Rynge and Ewa

Session:+AKA-	+IBw-Heterogeneous Architectures+IB0AoA-

16:00+IBQ-16:30+AKA-	A performance comparison of Dask and Apache Spark
for data-intensive neuroimaging pipelines. Mathieu Dugr+AOk-, Val+AOk-rie
Hayot-Sasson and Tristan Glatard

16:30+IBQ-17:00	On a Parallel Spark Workflow for Frequent Itemset
Mining Based on Array Prefix-Tree. Xinzheng Niu, Mideng Qian, Chase Wu
and Aiqin Hou

17:00+IBQ-17:30+AKA-	Panel: TBA

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