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                          CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

           The 28th International Symposium on High-Performance
                    Parallel and Distributed Computing


                          Phoenix, Arizona, USA
                            June 24-28, 2019

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The ACM International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and
Distributed Computing (HPDC) is the premier annual conference for
presenting the latest research on the design, implementation,
evaluation, and the use of parallel and distributed systems for high-
end computing. The 28th HPDC will take place in Phoenix, Arizona,
United States on June 24-28, 2019 as part of FCRC.

                         Wednesday, June 26, 2019

+Session 1: High Performance Distributed Systems (Best Paper Nominees)+

- SpotWeb: Running Latency-sensitive Distributed Web Services on
Transient Cloud Servers
A.Ali-Eldin, J. Westin, B. Wang, P. Sharma, P. Shenoy	
- LABIOS: A Distributed Label-Based I/O System
A. Kougkas, H. Devarajan, J. Lofstead, X.-H. Sun
- Parsl: Pervasive Parallel Programming in Python
Y. Babuji, A. Woodard, B. Clifford, Z. Li, R. Chard, R. Kumar, L.
Lacinski, J. Wozniak, I. Foster, M. Wilde, D. S. Katz, K. Chard

- Kleio: a Hybrid Memory Page Scheduler with Machine Intelligence
T. D. Doudali, S. Blagodurov, A. Vishnu, S. Gurumurthi, A. Gavrilovska

+Session 2: Reliability and Variability+

- MANA for MPI: MPI-Agnostic Network-Agnostic Transparent Checkpointing
R. Garg, G. Price, G. Cooperman	
- Multi-level Analysis of Compiler-Induced Variability and Performance
M. Bentley, I. Briggs, G. Gopalakrishnan, D. H. Ahn, I. Laguna, G. L.
Lee, H. E. Jones

- Making Root Cause Analysis Feasible for Large Code Bases: A Solution
Approach for A Climate Model
D. J. Milroy, A. H. Baker, D. M. Hammerling, Y. Kim, E. R. Jessup,
T. Hauser

+Session 3: Hybrid Systems+

- HEXO: Offloading HPC Compute-Intensive Workloads on Low-Cost, Low-
Power Embedded Systems
P. Olivier, A K M F. Mehrab, S. Lankes, M. L. Karaoui, R. Lyerly,
B. Ravindran

- Scheduling Beyond CPUs for HPC
Y. Fan, Z. Lan, P. M. Rich, W. E. Allcock, M. E. Papka, B. Austin,
D. Paul

- Breaking Down Barriers: Paths to Fast Thread Synchronization on the
C. Hetland, G. Tziantzioulis, B. Suchy, M. Leonard, J. Han, J. Albers,
N. Hardavellas, P. Dinda


                          Thursday, June 27, 2019

+Session 4: Scalable Graph Processing+

- XBFS: eXploring Runtime Optimizations for Breadth-First Search on GPUs
A. Gaihre, Z. Wu, F. Yao, H. Liu	

- Combining Data Duplication and Graph Reordering to Accelerate Parallel
Graph Processing
V. Balaji, B. Lucia

+Session 5: Fairness and Performance+

- Preemptive Multi-Queue Fair Queuing
Y. Zhao, K. Suo, X. Wu, J. Rao, S. Wu, H. Jin
- DeepSZ: A Novel Framework to Compress Deep Neural Networks by Using
Error-Bounded Lossy Compression
S. Jin, S. Di, X. Liang, J. Tian, D. Tao, F. Cappello

-PERQ: Fair and Efficient Power Management of Power-Constrained Large
-Scale Computing Systems
T. Patel, D. Tiwari

+Session 6: GPU Applications+

- Suffix Array Construction on Multi-GPU Systems
F. Büren, D. Jünger, R. Kobus, C. Hundt, B. Schmidt	

- CuLDA_CGS: Solving Large-scale LDA Problems on GPUs
X. Xie, Y. Liang, X. Li, W. Tan

- Better Late Than Never: An n-Variant Framework of Verification for
Java Source Code on CPU and GPU Hybrid Platform
J. Duan, K. W. Hamlen, B. Ferrell


                          Friday, June 28, 2019

+Session 7: Cloud Systems+

- UMR-EC: A Unified and Multi-Rail Erasure Coding Library for High-
Performance Distributed Storage Systems
H. Shi, X. Lu, D. Shankar, D. K. Panda	

- GAugur: Quantifying Performance Interference of Colocated Games for
Improving Resource Utilization in Cloud Gaming
Y. Li, C. Shan, R. Chen, X. Tang, W. Cai, S. Tang, G. Wang, X. Liu,
X. Gong, Y. Zhang
- Adaptive Resource Views for Containers
H. Huang, j. Rao, S. Wu, H. Jin, K. Suo, X. Wu	

- Semantic-aware Workflow Construction and Analysis for Distributed
Data Analytics Systems
A. Pi, W. Chen, S. Wang, X. Zhou


General Chair:
Jon Weissman - University of Minnesota, USA	

Program Chairs:
Ali R. Butt - Virginia Tech, USA	
Evgenia Smirni	- College of William and Mary, USA	

Local Chair:
Ming Zhao - Arizona State University, USA	

Visit the HPDC web site for updates: http://www.hpdc.org/2019/

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