[hpc-announce] IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics CALL FOR PAPERS for Special Section on End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated Algorithms, Systems, and Applications

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics CALL FOR PAPERS for
Special Section on End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated Algorithms, Systems,
and Applications

Theme: Sending data to cloud for analysis was a prominent trend during
the past decades, driving cloud computing as a dominant computing
paradigm. However, the dramatically-increasing devices and data
traffic in the Internetof-Things (IoT) era are posing significant
burdens on the capacity-limited Internet and uncontrollable service
delay. It becomes difficult, especially in industry process, to meet
the delay-sensitive and context-aware service requirements of
applications by using cloud computing alone. Facing these challenges,
computing paradigms are shifting from the centralized cloud computing
to distributed edge computing. Several new computing paradigms,
including Transparent Computing, Mobile Edge Computing, Fog Computing
and Cloudlet, have emerged to leverage the distributed resources at
network edge to enable timely and context-aware services, providing a
complement for cloud computing to make it only responsible for delay
non-sensitive, resource-intensive or computationally-complex tasks. By
integrating end devices, edge servers and the cloud, one trend from
both academia and industry towards the End-Edge-Cloud orchestrated
architecture aims at well exploiting the differentiated capabilities
of heterogeneous devices/facilities to meet the different service
requirements. This special issue aims at providing a platform for
sharing the state-of-the-art research and development on
end-edge-cloud orchestrated algorithms, systems, and applications and
publishing original research and peer-reviewed articles. The content
of the special issue will focus on the architectures and
implementations, communication and networking protocols, computation
offloading strategies, advanced machine learning and data analytical
methods, performance modeling and optimization, and other enabling
technologies for end-edge-cloud orchestration and its industrial

This special section will focus on (but not limited to) the following topics:
1. Architecture design of end-edge-cloud orchestrated systems for
industry process
2. Performance modelling and optimization for end-edge-cloud orchestration
3. Computation offloading for end-edge-cloud orchestrated computing
4. Advanced machine learning algorithms for end-edge-cloud
orchestrated data analytics
5. End-edge-cloud orchestration for big data in industry
6. Performance evaluation of end-edge-cloud orchestrated algorithms
7. Communication protocol design for end-edge orchestrated system
8. Channel Sensing algorithms for end-edge orchestrated system
9. Network resource management for end-edge-cloud orchestrated system
10. Security, privacy, and trust in end-edge-cloud orchestrated systems
11. Hardware design and prototyping for end-edge-cloud orchestrated systems
12. Testbeds and simulation platforms for end-edge-cloud orchestrated systems
13. Industrial systems design for end-edge-cloud orchestration
14. Industrial applications with end-edge-cloud orchestration

Manuscript Preparation and Submission Follow the guidelines in
“Information for Authors” in the IEEE Transaction on Industrial
Informatics http://www.ieee-ies.org/pubs/transactions-onindustrial-informatics
. Please submit your manuscript in electronic form through Manuscript
Central web site: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tii . On the
submitting page #1 in popup menu of manuscript type, select: SS on
End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated Algorithms, Systems, and Applications

Submissions to this Special Section must represent original material
that has been neither submitted to, nor published in, any other
journal. Regular manuscript length is 8 pages.

Note: The recommended papers for the section are subject to final
approval by the Editor-in-Chief. Some papers may be published outside
the special section, at the EIC discretion.

Timetable: Deadline for manuscript submissions June 30, 2019
Expected publication date (tentative) November 2019

Guest Editors:
• Prof. Hongbo Jiang, Hunan Unviersity, China hongbojiang2004 at gmail.com
• Prof. Ju Ren, Central South University, China renju at csu.edu.cn
• Prof. John C. S. Lui, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
cslui at cse.cuhk.edu.hk
• Prof. Schahram Dustdar, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
dustdar at dsg.tuwien.ac.at

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr.-Ing; Ren C. Luo
tii at ira.ee.ntu.edu.tw

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