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16th International Conference on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems & 
17-19 September 2019, Leeds, UK
Springer LNCS Proceedings

Topics of Interest

With a global market for infrastructures, platforms and software 
the need to understand and deal with its implications emerges. A 
of new interdisciplinary challenges is quickly growing. Therefore, GECON
encourages the submission of papers, which combine at least one 
area and one technological area.

GECON’s list of focus areas includes:

   -Incentive design, strategic behavior & game theory
   -Market mechanisms, auctions models, and bidding languages
   -Economic efficiency
   -(Techno) Economic analysis and modelling
   -Pricing schemes and revenue models
   -Metering, accounting, and billing
   -Cost‐benefit analysis
   -Automated trading and bidding support tools
   -Trust, reputation, security, and risk management
   -Performance monitoring, optimization, and prediction
   -Analysis and reports on industry, test-beds and operational markets
   -Energy efficiency, sustainability
   -Business models and strategies, decision support

Law and Legal Aspects:
   -Standardization, interoperability, and legal aspects
   -Service level agreements (SLAs), negotiation, enforcement and 
   -Open source ecosystems

Clouds, Grids, Systems and Services:
   -IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and Federation of resources
   -Vertical scaling, burstable computing, vertical elasticity
   -Resource management: allocation, sharing, scheduling, and capacity 
   -Virtualization and Containers
   -Service Science, Management and engineering (SSME)
   -Software engineering

Technologies Transforming the Economy:
   -Smart grids, cities or buildings
   -Energy-aware infrastructures and services
   -Fog, edge, osmosis computing
   -Micro‐services, Serverless computing
   -Community Networks
   -Social networks
   -Big data
   -Data stream ingestion and complex event processing

Important Dates

   -Special Topic and Roundtable sessions: March 30th, 2019
   -Abstract Submission Deadline: May 20th, 2019
   -Paper and Paper-in-Progress Submission Deadline: May 27th, 2019
   -Poster Submission Deadline (extended abstract and poster): June 15th, 
   -Acceptance Notification: July 1st, 2019
   -Camera-Ready Deadline: July 8th, 2019
   -Informal Poster Submission Deadline (poster only): July 15th

Conference Organization

   Conference Chair

     Karim Djemame  <karim at comp.leeds.ac.uk>  (University of Leeds, UK)

   Conference Vice-Chairs

     Jörn Altmann <jorn.altmann at acm.org>  (Seoul National University, 
     Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda <ladypine at cs.technion.ac.il> (Technion, 
     Jose Angel Bañares <banares at unizar.es>  (University of Zaragoza, 
     Vlado Slakovski <vlado.stankovski at fgg.uni-lj.si> (University of 

   Program Chairs

     Franz Lenher (University of Passau, Germany)
     Maurizio Naldi (Università di Roma, Italy)

   Steering Committee

     Jörn Altmann (Seoul National University, South-Korea)
     Jose Angel Bañares (Zaragoza University, Spain)
     Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)
     Steven Miller (Singapore Mgnt University, Singapore)
     Omer F. Rana (Cardiff University, UK)
     Gheorghe Cosmin Silaghi  (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania)
     Konstantinos Tserpes (Harokopio University, Greece)
     Maurizio Naldi <m.naldi at lumsa.it> (Università di Roma LUMSA)

Publication and Submission Guidelines

Original full papers and work-in-progress papers, which are not 
under review by another conference, will be considered. Manuscripts will
be reviewed based on technical merit, originality, and relevance.
Acceptance rates have been around 30% in recent years.

Full papers, work-in-progress papers, and poster abstracts shall be
submitted using the Springer LNCS format. Submitted full papers should
not exceed 12 pages, work-in-progress papers should not exceed 8 pages
(including references and appendices) and poster extended abstracts
should not exceed  2 pages.

This year, for the first time, GECON will include a poster session.
Posters can be submitted either with an extended abstract which should
not exceed 2 pages, or with an accepted paper or paper-in-progress.

For further details, visit the GECON 2019 Web page. Paper submissions
are managed through EasyChair at 

The proceedings will be published by Springer LNCS. Extended versions of 
to 10 accepted papers in the Computer Science field will be invited for
publication in a special issue of the Elsevier Journal of Future 
Computing Systems. For papers targeting mainly business and economic 
a special issue of the Springer Electronic Markets Journal with up to 5 
is foreseen.

Call for Special and Roundtable Sessions

GECON 2019 looks for proposals for special sessions. With the objective 
encouraging alternative forms of participation that can increase the
opportunity to discuss technical topics in an atmosphere that fosters
the active exchange of ideas we solicit special topic and roundtable
sessions proposals.

The special sessions program seeks to provide venues for specialist 
to meet, to generate focused discussion on specific sub-areas within the
economics of distributed systems, and to engage in community-building 
Special sessions should provide a discussion forum for researchers in 
related to topics of the conference, either on specific research themes,
or in emerging areas of research.

Both roundtables and special topic sessions can be used, for example,
for giving the opportunity all participants to present 
results of projects, finding partners to establish collaborative 
and innovation projects, or PhD students to present and discuss their
dissertations with fellow PhD students, senior scholars and industry 

For now, GECON 2019 is running two special sessions this year:

     Machine learning, Cognitive Systems and Data Science for System 
     Session chair: Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen (University of South-Eastern, 
     Aurilla.Aurelie.Arntzen at usn.no

     Economics of Security and Privacy.
     Sesion chair: Maurizio Naldi (Università di Roma LUMSA).
     m.naldi at lumsa.it

With respect to publications of special session works, additional to 
original papers submitted to the conference (full papers, 
and poster abstracts), works can also be submitted under the umbrella of 
special session following the usual GECON reviewing process.

Special sessions works can include a set of a long abstract about the 
special session,
technical reports, future research visions, and exhibition tool 
with informal demonstrations.  Regular, original, and reviewed works 
will be included
in the Springer LNCS proceedings.

Roundtable Proposal Submissions.

Roundtables provide an opportunity for participants to share information
regarding their research in an informal, conversational style with 
participants. Audio-visual equipment will be provided to conduct or 

Roundtable proposals should describe briefly as many of the following as
are applicable, preferably in this order:

   Objectives or purposes of the proposed discussion;
   Perspectives or theoretical/conceptual frameworks that will guide the 
   Data, evidence, or resources related to the discussion topic;
   Conclusions and implications;
   Strategies to facilitate participation in the discussion; and
   Importance of the topic.

Roundtable proposals will be evaluated on:

   Importance of the topic, issue, or problem to the GECON scope;
   Clarity of objectives and intended outcomes of the session;

Contact for roundtable proposals is

Konstantinos Tserpes (Harokopio University, Greece) tserpes at hua.gr

Topical Paper Session Proposal Submissions.

In a topical paper session, the session organizers are proposing a 
research-paper session that consists of three to four research papers 
address a particular topic.  The session chair will promote the CFP for
original submissions and will ensure the quality of accepted works and
provide a list of qualified reviewers to evaluate original papers.  
papers session can include a combination of regular, invited or 
papers. In the case of invited or published papers, the proposal will
include the names and backgrounds of presenters. Only original accepted
works will be published in the proceedings.

Proposals for topical paper sessions should describe briefly as many of 
following as applicable, preferably in this order:

   Objectives of the session;
   Importance of the session to GECON participants;
   Backgrounds of the presenters as related to the session topic;
   Brief description of each programmed research paper that will be 
   Structure and format of the session, including the designation of a 
session chair/moderator; and
   A list of qualified reviewers.

Topical paper session proposals will be evaluated on the following 

   Contribution to knowledge (that is, the extent to which the session 
    an important problem and gap in current knowledge);
   Clarity of focus;
   Theoretical and methodological rigor of the research papers included 
in the session;
   Integration and coherence of panel’s presentations as a group; and
   The overall clarity of the proposal.

Contact for special session proposals is

Jörn Altmann (Seoul National University, South-Korea)  
jorn.altmann at acm.org

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