[hpc-announce] 40th Summer School of Automatic Control, special topic on «Control of Computing Systems», Grenoble, sept. 2019

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Thu Jun 13 13:30:21 CDT 2019

40th Summer School of Automatic Control

special topic on «Control of Computing Systems»

Grenoble, France

September, 09-13, 2019

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Context and motivations

Self-managing or autonomic computing systems are answering to the need 
to address dynamic variations in the computing, memory or communication 
loads, as well as in their environment, the evolutions in their 
computing infrastructure (shared or subject to faults) or 
(re)adaptations of their initial functionalities. Their administration, 
usually performed by human administrators, needs to be automated in 
order to be efficient, safe and highly reactive. The Autonomic Computing 
paradigm using self-manageable closed loops emerged in the early 2000, 
targeting distributed system and addressing these questions from a 
computer science point of view. A particularly insightful way of 
building such control loops is to use control systems theory, which 
employs a large spectrum of modelling, estimation and control techniques 
(continuous, discrete, stochastic), classically applied mostly to 
electro-mechanical, physical systems, but much less usually to computing 

The aim of this Summer School is to offer the opportunity of a 
scientific forum from control systems, informatics, distributed systems, 
around the various challenges and methodologies dedicated to the control 
of computing systems. To this end, domain experts will be present to 
share their expertise and cutting-edge research results.

Confirmed lecturers:

Karl-Erik Årzén (Lund University Sweden); Lydia Chen (TU Delft (IBM) 
Netherlands); Niklas Karlsson (Verizon Media, CA USA); Eric Kerrigan 
(Imperial College London, UK); Stéphane Lafortune (University of 
Michigan, USA); Daniel Simon (LIRMM-INRIA France)


The School will consist of a series of surveys, lectures and research 
talks taught in English, completed by a series of applications sessions.


The School is mainly intended for PhD students, researchers and 
industrial participants interested in self-managing systems, autonomic 
management and control of Cloud, Real-Time or High Performance Computing 
(HPC) systems, privacy or BigData management. Basic knowledge in 
automatic control and mathematics is useful.

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