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Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate 
groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original 
scientific results
*CENTRIC 2019,* The Twelfth International Conference on Advances in 
Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services
The submission deadline is *July 28, 2019*
Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended article 
versions to one of the IARIA Journals: http://www.iariajournals.org

    ISSN: 2308-3492
    ISBN: 978-1-61208-754-2
    Registered: with the Library of Congress of the United States of
    America (ISSN)
    Hosted: by Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) - German National
    Library of Science and Technology (Open Access)
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============== CENTRIC 2019 | Call for Papers ===============


CENTRIC 2019, The Twelfth International Conference on Advances in
Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services

General page: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2019/CENTRIC19.html

Submission page: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2019/SubmitCENTRIC19.html

Event schedule: November 24, 2019 to November 28, 2019 - Valencia, Spain

- regular papers [in the proceedings, digital library]
- short papers (work in progress) [in the proceedings, digital library]
- ideas: two pages [in the proceedings, digital library]
- extended abstracts: two pages [in the proceedings, digital library]
- posters: two pages [in the proceedings, digital library]
- posters: slide only [slide-deck posted at www.iaria.org]
- presentations: slide only [slide-deck posted at www.iaria.org]
- demos: two pages [posted at www.iaria.org]
- doctoral forum submissions: [in the proceedings, digital library]

Submission deadline: July 28, 2019

Sponsored by IARIA, www.iaria.org
Extended versions of selected papers will be published in IARIA Journals:
Print proceedings will be available via Curran Associates, Inc.:
Articles will be archived in the free access ThinkMind Digital Library:

The topics suggested by the conference can be discussed in term of
concepts, state of the art, research, standards, implementations, running
experiments, applications, and industrial case studies. Authors are invited
to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any
other conference or journal in the following, but not limited to, topic

All tracks are open to both research and industry contributions, in terms
of Regular papers, Posters, Work in progress, Technical/marketing/business
presentations, Demos, Tutorials, and Panels.

Before submission, please check and comply with the editorial rules:

CENTRIC 2019 Topics (for topics and submission details: see CfP on the site)

Call for Papers: http://www.iaria.org/conferences2019/CfPCENTRIC19.html


Building user-centric systems
User-centered research methods; User-centered methods for development and
maintenance; Risks of user-centered design; Innovation and user-centered
design; User-centered design in smart environments; Research on user
competencies and requirements; Innovative user Interfaces (e.g.,
brain-computer interfaces); New types of human-computer-interactions (e.g.,

Centric views
User centricity: I-centric versus We-centric; User-centric in
service-centric systems; User-centric business models; User-centric
requirements in network-centric approaches; User-centric and critical
time-centric applications and services; User information access behavior;
User-centric professional attackers; User-centric data mining; User-centric
data aggregation; Personalized seeking and personalized sharing; Contextual
user information facets; User-oriented ontology; User empowerment:
awareness and control; User-centric trust models

Privacy and anonymity
Anonymity and pseudonymity; Attacks against de-identified data; Data
anonymity; Consent-based privacy disclosure; Private digital assets;
Disclosure control techniques; Information loss assessment; Risk assessment
for shared information; Privacy and anonymity ontology; Privacy
technologies; User location anonymity techniques; Privacy preserving data
and text mining; Privacy and anonymity in specialized applications
/healthcare. databases, information retrieval, social networks, etc./;
Legal aspects in privacy and anonymity

User-centric supporting mechanisms
Machine learning and artificial neural networks; Network control and
feedback with man-in-the-loop; Multi-sensor user interfaces (e.g., tactile,
haptic, olfactory); Personalized storage and information retrieval with
user-context; Service discovery using user profile; Personalized navigation
and visualization; Semantic web services; Advanced personalization
techniques for semantic wikis; Application of advanced reasoning
maintenance; Reasoning on user modeling and personalization; Information
extraction and semantic web technologies with personalization and user
modeling; Quality of experience

Personalization of ICT services and devices; Personalization of eHealth
services; Personalization related to ICT in cars; Adaptive personalization;
Supporting the user in initial set-up of user profiles; Personalization and
user profile management; Preferences for personalization in manufacturers'
devices; Standardization

User-centric networking and services
Personal profiles, preferences; Identity; Reputation; User profiles;
Proximity and context-aware services; Social communities; User adapted
services; Trust, privacy, security; Community services; Location services;
Web 2.0 and Web 3.0; Key exchange, certificate handling, smartcards;
Personal devices; Managing identity and security - identity provider; Home
content access and rights management

User-centric advanced applications
Humanoids; Unmanned systems; On-body antennas; Body networks and devices;
Preventive and personalized medicine; Anticipative systems for diagnosis
and maintenance; Emergency and medical response systems; eHealth and
telemedicine services; Personal entertainment

Technologies for personalized services
Personnel tracking; Presence automatic control; Remote home security
control; User-centric recommender services; Identity management;
Contactless radio: RFID, NFC; Proximity radio: Bluetooth, WLAN; Broadband
and wireless broadband distribution; Ambient wireless and broadband
networks; Social engineering and social networks; IPTV and Quadruple Play

People-centric sensing
People-centric sensing techniques, technologies, and applications;
Participatory sensing; Smart phone sensing; urban sensing; Bio-medical
sensing; Mixed sensor networks and people-centric sensing; SensorWeb;
Mobility; Mobile social networks and sensing; Mobile healthcare and
sensing; Platforms and architectures; Context awareness; Situation
awareness and management

User experience and usability
Attributes and measurement; Ergonomics/human factors; User-Centered and
contextual design; Design guidance/best practices; Usability heuristics,
testing and evaluation; User feedback and response; Design tools and
process; Prototyping technologies; Responsive design strategies; Innovative
user interfaces

User research and usage behavior
Up-front user research; Use cases and case study research; Usage/user
studies on new services; Adoption and diffusion research; Usage/demand
forecasting and planning; Technology acceptance research; User behavior and
attitudes; Social and cultural influences

CENTRIC 2019 Committee:
Publicity Chair
Sandra Sendra, Universidad de Granada, Spain
Liaison and Special Advertising Board Chair
Birgit Gersbeck-Schierholz, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

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