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IEEE MASCOTS’19 -  Call for Demos



Important Dates

* Demo Submission Deadline: August 15th

* Demo Notification: August 31st

* Demo session: October 22-25


Submission link

Please send your submission to  mailto:mascots.demo2019 at gmail.com


General Information

MASCOTS 2019 (IEEE International Symposium on the Modeling, Analysis, and
Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems) will host a
demonstration session. This session offers the opportunity to researchers,
both from academia or the industry, not only to present their ideas but also
to provide hands-on experience to the audience. Therefore in respect to a
traditional paper presentation the demo session is a powerful way to
showcase implementations and the successful shift from ideas to projects and
projects to prototype.

MASCOTS 2019 Demo session should be related to modeling, analysis, and
simulation of computer and/or telecommunication systems, the topics of
interest include, but are not limited to:


* Computer architectures, multi-core processors, and memory systems

* Performance monitoring of storage system

* Network congestion and monitoring

* Data and control plane separation

* Advanced machine learning techniques.

* Power modeling and measurement of embedded computing devices

* Databases and big data systems and technologies

* Distributed, cloud, and fog computing

* Multi-access edge computing

* Security in computer and communication systems

Demonstration are supposed to illustrate a technological result in an
appealing and attractive way.  Presenters are encouraged to deliver lively
and interactive demonstration. Please note that demonstration are not
supposed to be marketing for existing products and existings feature
available on sales but to promote innovation. 



Presentation format:


A typical demonstration slot if about 30 minutes which could be dispatched
in a short introductory presentation (10 minutes), with  a demo of 15
minutes and 5 minutes of Q&A.

The demo itself can run live either on the presenter laptop, remote through
wifi or has been recorded previously.

Submitting a demo



The submission is an extended abstract of 2 pages including a dedicated
section to state clearly  the added value of a demonstration.  The
submission has to focus on the technical / scientific content of the demo. 



Submissions to be made prior to August 15th on  mascots.demo2019 at gmail.com



It is understood that full papers can also run for demo session. In such a
case accepted full paper can contact directly the Demo session chair in
order to discuss the setting of the demo.



For guidelines regarding formatting, please refer to the IEEE Manuscript
Templates for Conference Proceedings. All papers must be formatted using the
two-column IEEE conference style with a font size of 10 points or greater. 



Preparing a demo


Accepted demonstration will be contacted by the chair in order to address
the practicalities. 

The goal is to deliver the demo in a robust and satisfying way to the



Participants are expected to bring the necessary equipment to the conference
site with them. By default, the conference will provide:

* One A0 poster board

* Wireless internet connectivity

* HDMI / VGA video projector



The chairs will do their best to accommodate requests for additional setup
requirements. Please ask ahead of time! The Demonstrations Chairs will
investigate infrastructure and equipment possibilities for the accepted

Selection Process



The selection process for MASCOTS’19 demos is curated, that is, selected by
a committee, but not sent out to external reviewers. The demo content will
be selected from demonstration submissions or accepted papers. Authors will
not receive formal feedback on their submission other than the selection
decision. Confidentiality of submissions will be maintained during the
selection process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in
perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept
confidential until the start of the conference.



Demo Session Chairs:

* Jean-Thomas Acquaviva (DDN Storage)

* Philippe Raipin (Orange Labs)


jtacquaviva at ddn.com



Jalil Boukhobza

Associate Professor (maître de conférences HDR)

Lab-STICC Lab./ Dept. of Computer Science

University of Western Brittany, 20 Av. Le Gorgeu - CS 93837

29238 Brest Cedex 3

Tel:  +33 2 98 01 69 73

Fax: +33 2 98 01 80 11




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