[hpc-announce] PPoPP Tutorial: Building Language Features for Parallel Programming in AbleC

Eric Van Wyk evw at umn.edu
Wed Jan 23 10:03:47 CST 2019

-- PPoPP Tutorial
-- Building Language Features for Parallel Programming in AbleC
-- February 16, 2019, Washington DC

We're giving a tutorial on ableC - an extensible C compiler framework
that allows one to implement new language features as composable
extensions to C11.  The focus will be on building language features
for parallel programming as ableC extensions.

These extensions can add new concrete syntax, static analyses (e.g.
type checking, analysis for optimization), and translation of the new
feature down to plain C.  This allows researchers in parallel
programming to easily explore and implement new abstractions for
parallel programming as features of a mainstream language.

We've previously built extensions showing how the parallel programming
constructs from Cilk, Halide, LVish, the tensor algebra compiler
(TACO), and other systems can be implemented as extensions in an
effort to demonstrate that the framework supports rather expressive
language features.

Details (tutorial abstract, relevant papers, etc) are available here:
The abstract that appears in the PPoPP proceedings can be found here:

Questions?  Email me.

Thanks much,
Eric Van Wyk, Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota
+1 612 625 0329, evw at umn.edu, http://www.cs.umn.edu/~evw

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