[hpc-announce] Quantum tutorial at ASPLOS'19

Frank Mueller fmuelle at ncsu.edu
Fri Feb 22 09:09:49 CST 2019


Programming Quantum Computers: A Primer with IBM Q and D-Wave Exercises

Tutorial at ASPLOS'19, Apr 14, 8:30am-6pm


by Frank Mueller, Greg Byrd and Parick Dreher (North Carolina State
University and IBM Q Hub)

This tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to quantum
computing. It will feature the three pillars, architectures,
programming, and algorithms/applications of quantum computing. Its
focus is on the applicability of problems to quantum computing from a
practical point, with only the necessary foundational coverage of the
physics and theoretical aspects to understand quantum
computing. Simulation software will be utilized complemented by access
to actual quantum computers to prototype problem solutions. This
should develop a better understanding of how problems are transformed
into quantum algorithms and what programming language support is best
suited for a given application area. As a first of its kind, to the
best of our knowledge, the tutorial includes hands-on programming
experience with IBM Q and D-Wave hardware.

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