[hpc-announce] Call For Presentations: [NSF Student Travel Awards Available] Sixth International MVAPICH User Group Meeting

Hari Subramoni subramoni.1 at osu.edu
Thu Jul 5 09:29:45 CDT 2018

                         Call For Presentations

            Sixth International MVAPICH User Group Meeting
                            (MUG 2018)

               August 6-8, 2018, Columbus, Ohio, USA


The MVAPICH team is excited to host the 6th annual MVAPICH User Group
(MUG) meeting. It will take place from August 6-8, 2018 in Columbus,
Ohio, USA.  MUG aims to bring together MVAPICH2 users, researchers,
developers, and system administrators to share their experience and
knowledge and learn from each other.  The event includes Keynote
Talks, Invited Tutorials, Invited Talks, Contributed Presentations,
Open MIC session, hands-on sessions with MVAPICH developers, etc.

This year, we will be holding special tutorials and demo/hands-on
session during the first day of the event (August 6th). Other talks
and sessions will be held on August 7-8.

We already have the following confirmed Keynote Speakers and Invited
speakers for the event. Other Invited Speakers are being finalized:

Keynote Speakers
    * Amitava Majumdar      San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC)
    * Martin Schulz         Technical University of Munich, Germany

Invited Speakers (Confirmed so far)

    * Damian Alvarez        Juelich Supercomputing Center, Germany
    * Xavier Besseron       University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    * Gene Cooperman        North Eastern University
    * Davide Del Vento      National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
    * Alessandro Fanfarillo National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
    * Toshihiro Hanawa      University of Tokyo, Japan
    * Shantenu Jha          Brookhaven National Lab & Rutgers University
    * Adam Moody            Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    * Paul Navratil         Texas Advanced Computing Center
    * Karl Schulz           University of Texas, Austin
    * Gilad Shainer         Mellanox
    * Sameer Shende         Paratools and University of Oregon
    * Sayantan Sur          Intel
    * Sebastien Varrette    University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    * Jidong Zhai           Tsinghua University, China

Tutorials and Demos

    * A tutorial from ARM focusing on Advanced Arm Forge (a
      cross-platform performance engineering toolkit comprised of
      Arm DDT and Arm MAP) for MPI performance engineering.

    * A tutorial from Intel focusing on the technologies, schemes, and
      techniques in designing efficient runtime support using the
      upcoming network architecture from Intel.

    * A tutorial from Mellanox focusing on the upcoming technologies,
      schemes, and techniques being made available in next-generation
      Mellanox adapters and switches for exascale systems.

    * Building Efficient HPC Cloud with MVAPICH2 over KVM, Docker,
      Singularity, OpenStack, and SLURM. This tutorial will present
      efficient approaches to build HPC clouds with MVAPICH2 over
      SR-IOV enabled HPC clusters.  A demo will be provided to guide
      the usage of MVAPICH2-Virt library to get near bare-metal
      performance for HPC applications on clouds

    * How to Boost the Performance and Scalability of Your MPI and
      PGAS Applications with MVAPICH2 Libraries? This tutorial
      will focus on internal designs of the MVAPICH2 libraries,
      associated runtime parameters, the impact of tuning these
      parameters at the applications level and a set of `best
      practices' examples to maximize performance and scalability of
      MPI and PGAS applications.

More details are available at the following website

NSF Student Travel Support

A set of travel awards, for students from US academic institutions
interested in attending and presenting at MUG '18, will be provided
through a grant from NSF.

Interested students are requested to submit the following materials
(items 1, 2 and 3 included in a single .pdf file) to
mug at cse.ohio-state.edu. Applications will be considered until July
15th, 2018. However, decisions will be made in batches as the applications
arrive. Students are encouraged to apply early.

1. A short (1-2 page) document describing the following:
    a. Contact details
        - University, Department, Institutional E-mail address,
          and Phone Number
    b. Brief overview of current research
    c. Experience with HPC systems (hardware, software, and
       applications), high-performance virtualization, MPI/PGAS, and
       Deep Learning middleware
    d. What you would like to learn from attending MUG '18?
    e. Interest in presenting a poster about your work with a title
       and a short abstract.
2. A copy of your CV
3. Requested travel cost (including hotel and registration) with
4. An e-mail approval from the student's adviser supporting the travel
   and indicating that the travel cost will not be reimbursed from any
   other sources.

More details are available at the following website

Event Sponsors

This event is sponsored by Mellanox Technologies, ParaTools, Ohio
Supercomputer Center, X-ScaleSolutions, and The Ohio State University.
If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please send a note to
mug at cse.ohio-state.edu.

Further Information

Please visit http://mug.mvapich.cse.ohio-state.edu for more
information on MUG'18 (program, registration, travel & stay).



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