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|																|
|			Communicating Process Architectures (CPA) 2018          		|
|																|	
| 	The 40th. WoTUG Conference on Concurrent and Parallel Systems		|
|																|
| 	Sunday (evening) 19th. - Wednesday (afternoon) 22nd. August 2018		|
|																|
|		http://wotug.cs.unlv.edu/cpa2018 <http://wotug.cs.unlv.edu/cpa2018>   E-mail: cpa2018 at wotug.org <mailto:cpa2018 at wotug.org> 		|
|																|
|		Host institute: Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany			|
|																|

This is the Call for Papers for Communicating Process Architectures 2018, 
the 40th WoTUG conference on concurrent and parallel systems.

CPA 2018 will be held at Technische Universitaet Dresden and is hosted by 
the Faculty of Computer Science.  It starts on the evening of Sunday 19th. 
August and finishes after lunch on Wednesday 22rd. August. Conference 
sessions will take place at the Faculty.

[In case some readers may find it more convenient, an attachment to this 
email (file: CPA-2018-CFP.pdf, 89 Kbytes) presents all this information in 
a single A4 page.]

Important dates

  Paper submission:		30 April 2018
  Notification of acceptance:	21 May 2018
  Final revised CRC due:		11 June 2018
  Author registration:		11 June 2018
  Conference:				19-22 August 2018

Themes for CPA 2018

CPA is concerned with concurrency at all scales.  It aims to bridge the 
gap between the mathematical theory of concurrency and its practical 
application to the design, implementation and validation of parallel 
applications for embedded, multicore and distributed computing systems. 
Areas of interest to the CPA community include, but are not limited to:

  * design and implementation of programming languages and environments
    for concurrent systems;
  * runtime environments for parallel and distributed applications;
  * design patterns and implementation techniques for concurrent software;
  * theoretical models for concurrency;
  * formal specification of concurrent systems and formal languages
    supporting these approaches;
  * modelling and model-driven development of concurrent software
  * verification and analysis of concurrent systems;
  * model-checking techniques and tools for development and analysis;
  * design and effective use of multicore/manycore processors and
    massively parallel computer architectures;
  * the teaching of concurrency at school, university and postgraduate
  * tools and languages for hardware-software co-design;
  * hardware and software approaches to reconfigurable computing;
  * concurrent applications within academia and industry, such as complex
    systems simulation, robotic control and high-performance engineering;
  * reports on experience with concurrency in an industrial context.

Further Information

Details of how to submit papers, proposals for informal fringes, and 
proposals for mini-workshops can be found on the "Author", "Fringe" and 
"Workshop" pages respectively of the conference website 
(http://wotug.cs.unlv.edu/cpa2018 <http://wotug.cs.unlv.edu/cpa2018>).  Just follow the links with those 

Accepted papers will be published in the CPA 2018 Proceedings by IOS Press 
(in their Concurrent Systems Engineering Series).  All submissions will be 
refereed by an international panel of academic and industrial reviewers, 
with extensive feedback given to authors.  Authors retain copyright on 
their papers, shared with the publishers.  This means that authors have 
the right to reuse any material from these papers in future publications 
(e.g. in extended revisions for journals).

CPA runs in a single track over two and a half days, with space for 
approximately 20 half-hour presentations and a number of 1 or 2 hour 
workshops.  In addition, two evening Fringe sessions provide a forum for 
presenting and discussing new ideas and/or work in progress.

The conference registration fee (covering admission to all sessions, one 
copy of the Proceedings, coffee/tea breaks, lunches and evening meals, 
including the conference dinner) will be announced on the "Registration" 
page shortly, which also gives details of a number of bursaries to support 
students attending the conference.  Delegates are responsible for booking 
their own accommodation: a range of hotels will be listed on the 
"Location" page of the conference website.

Thank you for reading this Call.  If you have any questions about the 
conference, please email us at <cpa2018 at wotug.org <mailto:cpa2018 at wotug.org>> or contact one of us 
directly (see below for the organising committee).  Finally, we would be 
grateful if you would forward this call to colleagues who might like to 
know about CPA 2018 and may not otherwise discover it.  Many thanks and we 
look forward to seeing you in historic Dresden!

Professor Dr. Rainer Spallek   (Host)
  Chair of VLSI Design, Diagnostics and Architecture
  Faculty of Computer Science, Technische Universit??t Dresden, Germany
  <rainer.spallek at tu-dresden.de <mailto:rainer.spallek at tu-dresden.de>>

Dr. ir Jan Broenink
  Associate Professor of Embedded Control Systems,
  University of Twente, The Netherlands
  <J.F.Broenink at utwente.nl <mailto:J.F.Broenink at utwente.nl>>

Dr. Kevin Chalmers
  Senior Lecturer, School of Computing,
  Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  <k.chalmers at napier.ac.uk <mailto:k.chalmers at napier.ac.uk>>

Professor Jan Baekgaard Pedersen
  Associate Professor,
  School of Computer Science, University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA
  <matt.pedersen at unlv.edu <mailto:matt.pedersen at unlv.edu>>

Professor Brian Vinter
  Head of High Performance Computing, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  <vinter at nbi.ku.dk <mailto:vinter at nbi.ku.dk>>

Professor Peter Welch
  Emeritus Professor of Parallel Computing, University of Kent, UK
  <p.h.welch at kent.ac.uk <mailto:p.h.welch at kent.ac.uk>>


Dipl.-Inf. Oliver Knodel

Technische Universität Dresden
Fakultät Informatik - Institut für Technische Informatik
Lehrstuhl für VLSI-Entwurfssysteme, Diagnostik und Architektur
Nöthnitzer Str. 46, Raum 1100
01187 Dresden, Germany

Tel.: +49 351 463-38365
Fax: +49 351 463-38324
E-Mail: Oliver.Knodel at tu-dresden.de <mailto:Oliver.Knodel at tu-dresden.de>
WWW: http://vlsi-eda.inf.tu-dresden.de <http://vlsi-eda.inf.tu-dresden.de/>

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