[hpc-announce] Call for Participation: 6th Workshop on EXTREME-SCALE PROGRAMMING TOOLS (ESPT) at SC17

Allen D. Malony malony at cs.uoregon.edu
Wed Nov 8 17:37:53 CST 2017

                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


                     Held in conjunction with SC17:
      The International Conference on High Performance Computing,
                    Networking, Storage and Analysis

                            Denver, CO, USA
                    Sunday, November 12, 9am-5:30pm


Supported by Virtual Institute - High Productivity Supercomputing (VI-HPS)


The path to exascale computing will challenge HPC application developers
in their quest to achieve the maximum potential that the machines have
to offer.  Factors such as limited power budgets, clock frequency
variability, heterogeneous load imbalance, hierarchical memories, and
shrinking I/O bandwidths will make it increasingly difficult to create
high-performance applications.  Tools for debugging, performance
measurement and analysis, and tuning will be needed to overcome the
architectural, system, and programming complexities envisioned in
exascale environments.  At the same time, research and development
progress for HPC tools faces equally difficult challenges from exascale
factors.  Increased emphasis on autotuning, dynamic monitoring and
adaptation, heterogeneous analysis, and so on will require new
methodologies, techniques, and engagement with application teams.  This
workshop will serve as a forum for HPC application developers, system
designers, and tools researchers to discuss the requirements for
exascale-enabled tools and the roadblocks that need to be addressed.
The workshop is the sixth in a series of successful SC conference
workshops organized by the Virtual Institute - High Productivity
Supercomputing (VI-HPS), an international initiative of HPC researchers
and developers focused on parallel programming and performance tools for
large-scale systems.

The full-day workshop will consist of a keynote address in the morning
followed by 8 research paper presentations.  A panel will close the
workshop, inclding time for feedback from the ESPT participants.
The full agenda can be found at the ESPT URL here:



We look forward to seeing you there.

ESPT workshop Organizers

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