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*First ISC Workshop on Precision Medicine*

June 22nd, 2017, 9:00-13:00

Frankfurt, Germany


High-performance computing has become integral to the future success of
precision medicine. Catalyzed by the dramatic increase in the amount of
data available through such avenues as large-scale next generation
sequencing and advanced imaging techniques, new approaches are in
development to address the complexities of understanding and modeling
biology and disease. When coupled with long-standing computational
chemistry and biology techniques used in drug discovery, an exciting
frontier emerges for innovation as the communities converge. Recent
developments in the use of deep learning to create data-driven models
combined with exascale capabilities to explore predictions, adds an
exciting dimension for the future of both HPC and precision medicine.

*Target audience and Format: *

The HPC Applications in Precision Medicine (Precision2017) workshop aims to
bring together the computational and life sciences communities to share
experiences, discuss current challenges, and explore future opportunities
for applications of HPC in precision medicine. Emerging opportunities for
collaboration will be developed through interactive presentation and
discussion of current efforts to accelerate progress in precision medicine
with growing utilization of existing and emerging high-performance
computing technologies in areas including genomic analysis, drug discovery,
exascale computing, deep learning, simulation, predictive modeling,
sharing, analyzing and managing data and knowledge.

*A compelling slate of confirmed presenters for the workshop includes: *

·       *Dr. Tim Cutts* – Head of Scientific Computing – Wellcome Trust
Sanger Institute (UK)

·       *Dr. Nicholas Holway* – Scientific Computing Group – Novartis

·       *Prof. Christoph Klein MD* – Head Chair of Experimental Medicine
and Therapy Research at University of Regensburg, and head of Personalized
Tumor Therapy group, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental
Medicine, Regensburg (Germany)

·       *Dr. Rick Stevens* – Associate Laboratory Director – Argonne
National Laboratory (USA) and PI for CANcer Distributed Learning
Environment Exascale Computing Project

·       *Dr. Fred Streitz* – Director, HPC Innovation Center – Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory (USA) and Joint Design for Advanced Computing
Solutions for Cancer co-lead

·       *Dr. Tilo Wettig* – Professor of Physics – University of Regensburg

·       *Dr. Martin Wallace* – Director of Technology Seeking, GSK Research
and Development (UK)

This workshop is held as part of the annual ISC conference in the morning
of June 22nd, and is scheduled from 9:00-13:00 at the Frankfurt Marriott

*Registration is required through the ISC conference registration site.*


*Location: *

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel

Hamburger Allee 2

60486 Frankfurt am Main
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