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Lofstead, Gerald F II gflofst at sandia.gov
Fri Jan 20 13:01:33 CST 2017

The 3rd HPC I/O in the Data Center Workshop (HPC-IODC 2017)
conjunction with ISC High Performance on Thursday June 22nd, 2017, in
Frankfurt, Germany.
Url: http://wr.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/events/2017/iodc

Note that we allow virtual participation during the workshop for
authors of research papers!
We will stream the workshop live using YouTube and respond to
questions asked in comments.

** Workshop overview **

Managing scientific data at large scale is challenging for scientists
but also for the host data center. The storage and file systems
deployed within a data center are expected to meet users' requirements
for data integrity and high performance across heterogeneous and
concurrently running applications.

With new storage technologies and layers in the memory hierarchy, the
picture is becoming murkier. To effectively manage the data load
within a data center, I/O experts must understand how users expect to
use these new storage technologies and what services they should
provide in order to enhance user productivity. We seek to ensure a
systems-level perspective is included in these discussions.

In this workshop we bring together I/O experts from data centers and
application workflows to share current practices for scientific
workflows, issues and obstacles for both hardware and the software
stack, and R&D to overcome these issues.

The workshop content is build on two tracks:
1) research papers – submit a short paper regarding relevant research
for I/O in the datacenter.
2) talks from I/O experts – you'll need to submit a rough outline for your talk.

Contributions to both tracks are peer reviewed and require submission
of the respective research paper or idea for your presentation via

The HPC-IODC workshop is half day but embedded into a full-day program
for I/O that we organize with the team of the WOPSSS
(http://wopsss.org/). Our cooperation includes the alignment of
sessions and the potential to shift papers between the two workshops.
We encourage participants to take the opportunity to attend both

Please find the CfP for WOPSSS below our CfP.

** Track: research papers **

We accept short papers with up to 12 pages (excl. references) in LNCS format.

Our targeted proceedings are ISC's post-conference workshop
proceedings in Springers LNCS. We will accept more papers in the scope
of our topic than can be presented at full length during the workshop.
Therewith, we give authors a chance to submit relevant papers but not
insist on their participation. Additionally, we can focus on the
discussion of controversial topics during the workshop.

Paper Deadlines
- Submission deadline: 2017-03-28 AoE
- Author notification: 2017-04-25
- Pre-final submission: 2017-06-10 (to be shared during the workshop)
- Workshop: 2017-06-22
- Camera-ready papers: 2017-07-22

** Track: Talks by I/O experts **

The topics of interest in this track include but are not limited to:
- A description of the operational aspects of your data center
- A particular solution for certain data center workloads in production
If you are interested to participate, please submit a short (1/2 page)
abstract of your talk together with a (very) short Bio.

Abstract Deadlines:

- Submission deadline: 2017-03-28 AoE
- Author notification: 2017-04-25

** Organization **

The workshop is organized by

- Julian Kunkel (DKRZ, Germany)
- Jay Lofstead (Sandia National Lab, USA)
- Colin McMurtrie (CSCS, Switzerland)

** Program Committee  (to be completed) **

- Wolfgang Frings (Jülich Supercomputing Center)
- Javier Garcia Blas (University Carlos III of Madrid)
- Rob Ross (Argonne National Laboratory)
- Carlos Maltzahn (University of California, Santa Cruz)
- Sai Narasimhamurthy (Seagate)
- Julian Kunkel (DKRZ, Germany)
- Jay Lofstead (Sandia National Laboratory)
- Colin McMurtrie (CSCS, Switzerland)

Kind regards,
Julian Kunkel


* CfP 2nd WOPSSS workshop at ISC High Performance

Second Workshop On Performance and Scalability of Storage Systems (WOPSSS)

Held jointly with ISC on Thursday June 22nd, 2017, in Frankfurt,
Germany. http://wopsss.org

** All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings by Springer
** Extended versions of best papers will be published in the ACM SIGOPS Journal

** Workshop overview **

The Workshop On Performance and Scalability of Storage Systems
(WOPSSS) aims to present state-of-the-art research, innovative ideas,
and experience that focus on the design and implementation of HPC
storage systems in both academic and industrial worlds, with a special
interest on their performance analysis.

The arrival of new storage technologies and scales unseen in previous
practice lead to significant loss of performance predictability. This
will leave storage system designers, application developers and the
storage community at large in the difficult situation of not being
able to precisely detect bottlenecks, evaluate the room for
improvement, or estimate the matching of applications with a given
storage architecture.

WOPSSS intends to encourage discussion of these issues through
submissions of researchers or practitioners from both academic and
industrial worlds.

All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings by Springer
Extended versions of the best papers will be published in the ACM
SIGOPS (http://www.sigops.org/osr.html) journal

** Topics of interest **
included but are not limited to:
- Storage systems modeling and analysis tools
- Feed-back and empirical evaluation of storage systems
- Application I/O characterization
- Parallel I/O and storage systems: consistency, caching, replication,
reliability and fault recovery overhead

- Network challenges and storage systems: Scalability, QoS, Partitionability
- Low latency storage systems usability and analysis: memory-only,
Flash, NVRAM, Storage Class Memory
- File system design
- Operating system stack optimization
- Cloud and distributed storage

Papers specifically targeting “data center” will be sent to the
sibling HPC-IODC workshop  described above

** Important Dates **

Submission deadline March 31
Author notification April 30
Camera Ready June 15
Workshop June 22

** Submission Guidelines **

Papers need to be submitted via Easychair

Authors are invited to submit papers are required to be formatted in

Springer single column LNCS style

and within 10 pages, excluding the references.

The submissions are "single-blind", i.e. submissions are allowed to
include the author names.

** Organizing committee **

- Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, Research Engineer, DDN, France
- Jalil Boukhobza, Associate professor, Univ. Bretagne Occidentale, France
- Phlippe Deniel, Head of Storage group,  CEA/DIF, France
- Massimo Lamanna, Leader - Data and Storage Services Group, CERN, Switzerland
- Pedro Javier García, Associated Professor, University of Castilla-La
Mancha, Spain
- Allen D. Malony, Full Professor, University of Oregon, USA

** Publicity Chairs **
- Jesus Escudero-Sahuquillo, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
- Kaoutar El Maghraoui, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
- Rekha Singhal, Tata CS Innovation Labs, India

** Program committee (to be completed) **

- Francisco J. Alfaro, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
- André Brinkmann, Mainz University, Germany
- Jason Chun Xue, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
- Toni Cortes, BSC, Spain
- Stefano Cozzini,CNR, Italy
- Liu Duo, Chongqing University, China
- Juan Piernas, University of Murcia; Spain
- Andry Razafinjatovo, ATOS, France
- Rekha Singhal, Tata CS Innovation Labs, India
- Kaoutar El Maghraoui, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
- Maria E. Gomez,Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
- Pilar González-Férez, University of Murcia, Spain
- J-Charles Lafoucrière, CEA, France
- Manolis Marazakis, ICS-FORTH, Greece
- Franz-Josef Pfreundt, Fraunhofer, Germany
- Pierre Vigneras, ATOS, France
- Josef Weidendorfer, Tech. Univ. of Munich, Germany
- Soraya Zertal, University of Versailles, France

** Registration & Venue **

The workshop does not have a separate registration site. Attendees
need to use the registration system provided by ISC'17
(http://www.isc-hpc.com/registration.html) WOPSSS is organized in
conjunction the International Supercomputing Conference
(http://www.isc-hpc.com), Frankfurt, Germany.

** Special Journal Issue **

Extended versions of the best papers will be published in the ACM SIGOPS
Operating Systems Review (http://www.sigops.org/osr.html) journal
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