[hpc-announce] Scalable Tools Workshop Call for Participation

Barton Miller bart at cs.wisc.edu
Wed Apr 12 12:41:37 CDT 2017

*2017 Scalable Tools Workshop*

We would like to invite you to attend the 2017 edition of the Scalable 
Tools Workshop, formerly known as the Petascale Tools Workshop and 
CScADS Tools Workshop. The workshop will be a 3.5 day event to be held 
August 6-10 at the Granlibakken Resort at Lake Tahoe.

This meeting, in its 11^th year, is attended by tool researchers and 
developers to discuss common interests and work to advance the state of 
the art. The organization of this year's workshop will be like that of 
prior years. For the benefit of those of you who have not attended in 
the past, this is a different kind of workshop: it is a *working 
workshop* that aims to foster exchange of ideas and catalyze 
collaboration with colleagues in the field. There are no submitted 
paper; however we produce out-brief documents that summarize the 
progress that we made in the various technical areas.

The schedule for the workshop will include a balance between attendee 
presentations and working groups focused on topics of interest to two or 
more attendees. Working groups can include joint work on a piece of 
software, exchange of information to address immediate needs, work to 
develop a standard, discussion of opportunities for collaboration, 
tutorial sessions, or brainstorming about how to address challenges ahead.

We will be housed at the Granlibakken Resort. The total fee will be 
either $773 per person (double occupancy) or $1013 per person (single), 
including meeting costs, 4 nights hotel room, and all meal costs 
(breakfast, lunch and dinner). This rate is for a "standard" room (there 
are 30 of these reserved). There are another 10 "deluxe" rooms reserved 
at a bit higher rate. These fees assumes a Sunday arrival, and departure 
after lunch on Thursday. You can register for a shorter period of time, 
but attendance priority will be given to those who can attend the full 

Note by reserving lodging space at the Granlibakken as an attendee, you 
will be registered for the workshop. *IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A 
and abstract. Attendees are not required to make a presentation, but you 
are encouraged to do so. If you would like to present your work, you 
will need to send us a title and brief abstract for your proposed talk.

The meeting website can be found at: http://www.paradyn.org/petascale2017/

Click on the "Registration" tab. Follow the link on that page to the 
Granlibakken site. You'll need to log onto the Granlibakken site with 
user name "STW2017" and password "STW2017".

Once we have an initial attendee list, we will solicit topics for 
working groups and (as in prior years) select the final topics at the 
meeting after assessing attendee interests. If you and another 
participant want to collaborate on any related topic, this is the place 
you can do it.

This workshop is an open event. You are welcome to pass along this 
invitation to colleagues that you think would benefit from attending the 
workshop. If you send me additional email addresses, we will make sure 
that these folks get updates from us. (Note that we use this mailing 
list ONLY for the this workshop and do not share it with any other group 
or organization.)

*Important notes:*

There are limited rooms at the workshop so please register soon to make 
sure that you get space. The hotel could be quite full this year.

If you will share a room with another attendee, BOTH of you must 
register, listing the other person's name in the "I will be sharing 
lodging with" field.

  If you want to share a room and don't have a roommate, check the 
"Please assign a roommate" box".

If you are bringing a guest who is not attending the workshop, they MUST 
be registered with the Granlibakken as well. The cost is $84/night.

You can arrange extra days at the resort either before or after the 
meeting. There is a place on the form for indicating that. Looking 
forward to seeing you at Lake Tahoe.

Than you,
      --bart miller
        john mellor-crummey
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