[hpc-announce] Seventh Annual Energy Efficient HPC Working Group Workshop

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*Seventh Annual SC16 Energy Efficient HPC Working Group Workshop* will be
held as part of SC16, the International Conference for High Performance
Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis.

More information:  https://eehpcwg.llnl.gov/pages/conf_sc16.htm

Sunday, November 13th
9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m.
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Registration: http://sc16.supercomputing.org/attendees/registration/

PLEASE PLAN YOUR TRAVEL ACCORDINGLY.  This is a Sunday workshop, you will
probably need to arrive in Salt Lake City on Saturday in order to arrive in
time to go through badging and get to the workshop by 9AM.

The keynote speaker for the workshop will be Thomas Schulthess, director of
the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (also known as CSCS).

The agenda for the workshop includes the following invited talks:

§  Future-proofing your HPC Data Center design

§  Energy-efficiency economics

§  Architectural roadmap and impacts

§  System software: Controlling energy across the stack

There will be lunch-time discussion groups, topics include.

§  Power API/Redfish/GEO

§  Liquid Cooling Standards

§  Energy and Power Aware Job Scheduling and Resource Management

ABSTRACT:  This annual workshop is organized by the Energy Efficient HPC
Working Group (http://eehpcwg.lbl.gov/). It provides a strong blended focus
that includes both the facilities and system perspectives; from
architecture through design and implementation. The topics reflect the
activities and interests of the EE HPC WG, which is a group with over 600
members from ~20 different countries. It provides a mix between
instructional presentations and talks about recent advances. This workshop
is unique in that it provides a forum for sharing best practices of major
supercomputing centers from around the world. Discussion and audience
participation is encouraged. There are presentations, panels and
discussions instead of papers and posters. Presenters are mostly from major
governmental and academic supercomputing centers. The panels encourage
discussion around more controversial topics and include panelists from
supercomputing centers, academic institutions as well as the vendor

Michael Patterson, Intel Corporation
Torsten Wilde, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
Natalie Bates, Energy Efficient HPC Working Group
Stephen Poole, US Department of Defense
Daniel Hackenberg, Technical University Dresden
Thomas Durbin, University of Illinois
Steve Martin, Cray Inc.
Dale Sartor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Anna Maria Bailey, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ramkumar Nagappan, Intel Corporation
Nicolas Dube, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Andres Marquez, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
David Grant, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Josip Loncaric, Los Alamos National Laboratory
James H. Laros, Sandia National Laboratory
David J. Martinez, Sandia National Laboratory
Susan Coghlan, Argonne National Laboratory
James H. Rogers, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Toshio Endo, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Fumiyoshi Shoji, RIKEN
Francois Robin, CEA-DAM
Caleb Phillips, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Natalie Bates
Energy Efficient HPC Working Group
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