[hpc-announce] 1st Annual BSC/UPC HPC Hackathon - Last mile!

Antonio J. Peña antonio.pena at bsc.es
Wed Oct 5 03:07:59 CDT 2016

** 1st Annual BSC/UPC HPC Hackathon **

A thunderous noise coming from the street wakes you up. It sounded like 
a huge explosion coming from the underground. The windows are still 
shaking. You look at the clock, it is only 7:11 in the morning. You 
still feel tired after a long night of coding. The characters in the 
terminal on your screen are still dancing like insects around the light; 
your program is still computing. You start hearing people shouting in 
the streets, so you jump to your computer and start searching 
information about it. It takes you just a couple of minutes to find out 
what is going on: the city has just suffered one of the biggest natural 
disasters in recorded history. Social networks are flooding with 
comments about it in all directions. What you find is even more 
disturbing: the worst is yet to come. Experts are talking about a second 
hit but it is not clear where or when is gonna happen. Panic starts 
spreading over the city like a dark fog. You serve yourself a glass of 
water while your phone rings and you hear the voice on the other side 
saying: “Hey, we need your help!”.

Are you addicted to coding and solving complex problems? Come to the 1st 
Annual BSC/UPC HPC Hackathon and help us save the city! The fate of 
thousands of sims depends on you. In this competition you will be asked 
to think elegant and efficient solutions for challenging problems. Time 
will be your most important enemy, as you struggle to solve as many 
problems as possible in a limited time: nature does not wait.

To participate, you will need good coding skills, primarily in C and 
shell, but knowledge in other programming languages such as C++ and 
python is recommended. You should also be familiar with version control 
systems, such as git and mercurial, and have a good knowledge on Unix 
systems. You will be asked to solve problems in three different topics: 
GPU Computing, Parallel Programming and Software Security. You will be 
given access to high-end machines with last generation technology and 
high speed network. We will also provide you with food and beverages so 
that you can focus on coding.

The hackathon will take place in Barcelona (Spain) on Friday October 
21st, at the UPC Campus Nord – Agora Room, from 8h to 20h. A jury will 
evaluate the participants and the winners will take home nice prizes, 
including a high-end GPU from NVIDIA!

   The top participant of the Hackathon will get:


    NVIDIA Titan-X GPU


    1-year part-time contract to work at BSC (or a full-time
    internship). This award will be offered to the second participant if
    the first refuses it

  * Other awards TBA!

Organizing Committee:


    Leonardo Bautista-Gomez (BSC)


    Marc Casas (BSC)


    Filippo Mantovani (BSC)


    Antonio J. Peña (BSC)



    BSC/UPC NVIDIA GPU Center of Excellence


    Montblanc Project



For more information please visit: http://hackathon.bsc.es

Antonio J. Peña, PhD
Senior Researcher, Computer Sciences Department
Manager, BSC/UPC NVIDIA GPU Center of Excellence
Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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