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The 13th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC 2017) 
         April 3 - 7, 2017, Delft, The Netherlands, arc2017.tudelft.nl

                                CALL FOR PAPERS

                             Symposium information
Reconfigurable computing technologies offer the promise of substantial perfor-
mance gains over traditional architectures via customizing, even at runtime, 
the topology of the underlying architecture to match the specific needs of a 
given application. Contemporary adaptive systems allow for the definition of 
architectures with functional and storage units that match in function, bit-
width and control structures the specific needs of a given computation. The 
flexibility enabled by reconfiguration is also seen as a basic technique for 
overcoming transient faults in emerging device structures. 

ARC aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners of reconfigurable 
computing with an emphasis on practical applications of this promising techno-
logy. ARC 2017 will have a series of international invited speakers that will 
express their view on the future of reconfigurable technology.

The ARC 2017 proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag as a Lecture
Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series volume and will also be available
through the Springer Link on-line service (http://www.springer.com/lncs).

Selected papers will be invited to be submitted for consideration in the spe-
cial issue "Recent Progress in Applied Reconfigurable Computing" of Elsevier 
Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems (MICPRO).

                            Submission Information
Authors are invited to submit original contributions in English including, but 
not limited to, the areas of interest mentioned below. Submission must be up-
loaded to the ARC website and identify the format of the contribution as either

- Long Papers:  (12 pages maximum) should include mainly accomplished results 
                (oral presentation).
- Short Papers: (6 pages maximum, or 8 pages max. upon payment of additional 
                charge of 50 EUR per extra page) to be composed of work in pro-
                gress or reporting recent developments (poster presentation).

The format of the paper should be according to the Springer-Verlag LNCS Series 
format rules (see: http://www.springer.com/comp/lncs/authors.html).

                               Important Dates
Submission deadline:                  25 November 2016 (extended – hard)
Author Notification:                  19 December 2016
Camera-Ready and Author Registration: 15 January 2017
                              Topics of Interest
Reconfigurable Computing
|-Design Methods and Tools 
  |-High-level Languages and Compilation
  |-Simulation and Synthesis
  |-Estimation Techniques
  |-Design Space Exploration
  |-Run-Time Systems and Virtualization
  |-Self-adaptive, evolvable
  |-Heterogeneous (GPU, APU)
  |-Low-Power Designs
  |-Approximate Computing
  |-Embedded MPSoCs and NoCs
  |-Resilient and Fault Tolerant
  |-Security and Cryptography
  |-Big Data and HPC
  |-Embedded Computing and DSP
  |-Robotics, Space, Bioinformatics, Automotive
  |-Safety and Mission Critical Systems
|-Trends (in)
  |-Teaching RC
  |-Surveys and Future Trends
  |-Emerging Technologies
Organizing Committee
General Chairs:     Koen Bertels            (TUDelft, The Netherlands)
                    Luigi Carro             (UFRGS, Brazil)
Program Chairs:     Stephan Wong            (TUDelft, The Netherlands)
                    Antonio Carlos S. Beck  (UFRGS, Brazil)
Finance Chair:      Joost Hoozemans         (TUDelft, The Netherlands)
Sponsorship Chair:  Pedro Diniz             (USC/ISI, USA)
Publicity Chairs:   Sorin Cotofana          (TUDelft, The Netherlands)
                    Pedro Diniz             (USC/ISI, USA)
                    Chao Wang               (USTC, China)
Proceedings Chair:  Hamid Mushtaq           (TUDelft, The Netherlands)
Web Chair:          Johan Peltenburg        (TUDelft, The Netherlands)

Best Regards

Chao Wang
Embedded System Lab, School of Computer Science
University of Science and Technology of China
No.188,Ren'ai Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China 215123
cswang at ustc.edu.cn
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