[hpc-announce] Call For Participation: Second International Workshop on Communication Architectures at Extreme Scale (ExaComm'16)

Hari Subramoni subramoni.1 at osu.edu
Fri Jun 3 09:43:00 CDT 2016

                         Call For Participation

            First International Workshop on Communication
                    Architectures at Extreme Scale
                            (ExaComm 2016)

                  June 23, 2016, Frankfurt, Germany

                   to be held in conjunction with
                    ISC 2016, June 19 - 23, 2016
                         Frankfurt, Germany


ExaComm 2016 aims to bring together researchers and software/hardware
designers from academia, industry and national laboratories who are
involved in creating network-based computing solutions for extreme
scale architectures, to share their experiences and to learn the
opportunities and challenges in designing next-generation HPC systems
and applications.

ExaComm 2016 will be held in conjunction with the International
Supercomputing (ISC 2016), Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday, June 23,

 8:50 - 9:00        Opening Remarks

 9:00 - 10:00       Keynote Talk
                    Title   : Optimizing Network Usage on Sequoia
                              and Sierra
                    Speaker : Bronis R de Supinski,
                              CTO, Livermore Computing (LC),
                              Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

10:00 - 10:30       Invited Talk 1
                    Title   : Toward Extreme Scale: Requirements for
                              Next-Generation Fabrics
                    Speaker : William (Bill) Magro,
                              Intel Fellow & Chief Technologist,
                              HPC Software, Intel

10:30 - 11:00       Invited Talk 2
                    Title   : Topology-Awareness in the Tofu
                              Interconnect Series
                    Speaker : Yuichiro Ajima,
                              Senior Architect,
                              Fujitsu, Japan

11:00 - 11:30       Coffee Break

11:30 - 12:00       Invited Talk 3
                    Title   : Technologies for Improved Scaling on GPU
                    Speaker : Jiri Kraus,
                              Senior Developer,

12:00 - 12:30       Invited Talk 4
                    Title   : BXI - The New Scalable Interconnect for
                    Speaker : Jean-Pierre Panziera,
                              Chief Technology Director for Extreme
                              Bull Atos Technologies

12:30 -  1:00       Invited Talk 5
                    Title   : About Management of Exascale Systems
                    Speaker : Tor Skeie,
                              Professor, Adjunct Research Scientist,
                              Simula Research Laboratory, Norway

 1:00 -  2:00       Lunch Break

 2:00 -  2:30       Invited Talk 6
                    Title   : Exascale by Co-Design Architecture
                    Speaker : Michael Kagan,
                              Mellanox Technologies

 2:30 -  2:00       Invited Talk 7
                    Title   : Next Generation Interconnection for
                              Accelerated Computing
                    Speaker : Taisuke Boku,
                              University of Tsukuba, Japan

 3:00 -  4:00       Research Paper Session
                    Session Chair: Dr. Khaled Hamidouche,
                                   The Ohio State University
                    Paper #1: SONAR: Automated Communication
                              Characterization for HPC Applications,
                              Steffen Lammel, Felix Zahn, and
                              Holger Froning,
                              University of Heidelberg, Germany.

                    Paper #2: Reducing the Overhead of Manipulating
                              Data-structure on PGAS by Ordering
                              Memory Access at the Remote-side,
                              Yuichiro Ajima, Takafumi Nose, Kazushige
                              Saga, Naoyuki Shida and, Shinji Sumimoto,
                              Fujitsu Limited, Japan.

 4:00 -  4:30       Coffee Break

 4:30 -  6:00       Panel: Panel: Challenges in Designing Communication
                                  Libraries for Exascale Systems?

                    Panel Moderator : Ron Brightwell,
                                      Sandia National Laboratories

                    Panel Members: (Confirmed so far)
                    Jeff Hammond        Research Scientist,
                                        Intel Corporation
                    Daniel Holmes       Applications Consultant in HPC
                                        Research, EPCC, United Kingdom
                    Laxmikant V. Kale   Professor,
                                        University of Illinois at

  6:00 -  6:10      Closing Remarks

The full program is available at the following website


Further information about travel, stay and registration are available
at the following website


The ExaComm Organizing Committee.
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