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*******************   Call for Book Chapters *********************

                 Research Advances in Cloud Computing

                Website: http://www.cloudbus.org/racc/

                        Publisher: Springer

Editors: Sanjay Chaudhary,  Gaurav Somani, and Rajkumar Buyya,

*******************   Call for Book Chapters *********************


Cloud computing is a novel computing paradigm which has changed the way 
enterprise or INTERNET computing used to be seen. Cloud Computing as a 
term was first coined by John McArthy of IBM in 1960s where he envisaged 
that “computing” power will be used as an utility one day.  Today, for 
almost all the sectors in the world, cloud computing is synonym to their 
IT implementations. Today, public cloud market share is expected to 
reach $240bn by the end of year 2016. The success story of cloud 
computing as a technology is credited to the long term efforts of 
computing research community across the globe. SaaS (Software as a 
Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a 
Service) are the three major cloud product sectors. Each one of these 
product sectors have their effects and reach to various industries. If 
forecasts are to be believed than more than two third of all the 
enterprises across the globe will be entirely run in cloud by 2026. 
These enthusiastic figures have led to huge fund generation for research 
and development in cloud computing and related technologies. University 
researchers, research labs in industry and scholars across the globe 
have recreated the whole computing world into a new cloud enabled world. 
This has been only possible by coordinated efforts into this direction. 
Today, almost every university across the globe having computer science 
curriculum have incorporated cloud computing and its related 
technologies into their curriculum. Additionally, there are extensive 
efforts on innovation and technology creation in the direction of cloud 
computing.  These efforts are much visible in the reputed cloud 
computing research platforms like International conferences and journals.

We, the editors of the book have also started contributing in this niche 
computing area since its inception. Prof. Rajkumar Buyya is one of the 
most cited and visible researcher in the area with more than 48,900 
citations in the area of cloud computing and distributed systems 
(http://www.buyya.com/). He has been one of the pioneers in the area to 
bring glory to the field by contributing to multiple facets of 
development of cloud computing technologies and their implementations. 
Additionally, Prof. Buyya has served as the foundation editor-in-chief 
of the “IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)”. The other two 
editors of the book also have strong contributions in the area of 
resource allocation and cloud computing security as well as have highly 
cited research work. One of their works related to cloud computing 
resource allocation has been among the most cited articles on Elsevier 
Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS).

We as editors, feel that there is a significant need to systematically 
collect and present quality research findings in the area of recent 
advances in cloud computing area to give wide benefit to a huge 
community of researchers, educators, practitioners and industries. Even 
though there are large numbers of journals and conferences available in 
the area to showcase ones research contribution in the area of cloud 
computing. However, there is a lack of comprehensive and in-depth 
tutored analysis on many of the research areas in the field of cloud 
computing.  The proposed book on “Research Advances in Cloud Computing” 
will be an edited volume of having chapters from various top trends, 
designs, implementations, outcomes and directions in the various areas 
of cloud computing. We have planned the book in the form of around 16 to 
18 chapters each expected to be 20 to 25 pages dedicated to various 
facets of cloud computing.

Book Type
The book will have edited chapters focusing on research topics related 
to cloud computing.

Aim and Scope

The major aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive base to the 
recent research and open problems in the area of cloud computing 
research. We have felt that it is the much-needed ingredient to the 
researchers/ scholars who are about to start their research in the 
emerging area. State of the art problems, present solutions, and open 
research directions will always be positively welcomed by all the 
research groups, post-graduate programs, Doctoral programs around the 
globe in computer science and information technology.
Target Group

This book will provide a comprehensive aid to prospective researchers 
and scholars who are considering working in this area. Being an emerging 
area, cloud computing and related technology have been become a matter 
of extreme interest of budding researchers in the area. This book is 
aimed to provide a complete sketch towards all the research areas, 
recent works and open research problems in cloud computing. Collecting 
and streamlining all these works in a single book requires large 
collaborative efforts from the community across the globe. This has also 
been envisaged that this book will continue to become a source of large 
interest for the time to come and would require adaptations time to time.

Suggested Topics

The book aims to systematically collect and present quality research 
findings in the area of recent advances in cloud computing area to give 
wide benefit to a huge community of researchers, educators, 
practitioners and industries. Submissions are solicited on the following 
topics, but not limited to:

·       Cloud Applications and Challenges

·       Cloud Architecture and Management

·       Cloud Inter-operability and Federated Clouds

·       Cloud Security

·       Data Analytics on Cloud platforms

·       Energy-efficient / Green Cloud Computing environments

·       Infrastructure Cloud and Performance

·       Performance Issues of Cloud Computing

·       Platform services and related aspects

·       Pricing and Economics

·       Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing

·       Virtualization

Note: in case of multiple submissions in the same area or topic, the 
best chapter will be selected.

Book format and submission guidelines

The book is to be published by Springer Science + Business Media 
Singapore Private Ltd., Singapore. It is expected to be published in 
2017. For more details regarding manuscript preparation, please go 
through the following link: 

Word template

Note: These templates are not intended for the preparation of the final 
page layout! The final layout will be created by Springer according to 
their layout specifications. The usage of these templates is not 
mandatory. Alternatively, you may either use a blank Word document or 
the standard LaTeX book class (for monographs) or article class (for 
individual contributions) and apply the default settings and styles 
(e.g., for heading styles, lists, footnotes, etc.). The length of 
accepted chapters of should be of 20 to 25 pages of A4 size.
Contact Details

Important Dates

·       Chapter proposals due date:   September 1, 2016 (Prospective 
authors should submit a 2-3 page proposal clearing explaining the 
research issue(s) related to cloud computing, research design, proposed 
contribution in the form of architecture / models / algorithms and 
planned experiments)

·       Notification of acceptance of proposals: October 1, 2016

·       Full chapter submission: December 1, 2016

·       Chapter reviews feedback due date: December 25, 2016 (Each 
chapter will be reviewed by two/three experts to ensure the quality of 
research work)

·       Camera-ready submission of revised chapters due date: January 
15, 2017

·       Manuscript delivery to the publisher: February 28, 2017

Corresponding editor

Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary
Professor and Associate Dean
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Ahmedabad University
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380 009, India
E-mail: sanjay.chaudhary at ahduni.edu.in
Home page: 

Gaurav Somani
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Central University of Rajasthan
Kishangarh, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305817, India
Home page: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=vRM1LccAAAAJ&hl=en

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya
CEO, Manjrasoft, Melbourne, Australia
Director, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Laboratory
Dept. of Computing and Information Systems
The University of Melbourne, Australia

Home page: http://www.buyya.com/

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