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  6thWorkshop on Language-Based Parallel Programming Models (WLPP) 

in conjunction with 

September 6-9, 2015, Krakow , PolandWorkshop Web Sitewlpp15.weebly.comCALL FOR PAPERS   WLPP 2015 is a full-day workshop to be held at the PPAM 2015focusing on highlevel programming for large-scale parallel systems andmulticore processors, with special emphasis on component architectures andmodels. Its goal is to bring together researchers working in the areas ofapplications, computational models, language design, compilers, systemarchitecture, and programming tools to discuss new developments in programmingGrids and parallel systems. The workshop focuses on any language-basedprogramming model such as OpenMP, Intel TBB and Ct, Microsoft .NET 4.0 parallelextensions (TPL and PPL), Java parallel extensions, HPCS languages(Chapel, X10 and Fortress), Unified Parallel C (UPC), Co-Array FORTRAN (CAF)and GPGPU language-based programming models such as CUDA. Contributions onother high-level programming models and supportive environments for paralleland distributed systems are equally welcome.

This workshop will feature papers that explore experiences from applicationdevelopers in the use of the language and performance of real applications,experiences in the implementation of tools supporting the development andparallelization of applications or supporting the final execution on differentcomputing platforms. We also welcome experiences in moving ideas and conceptsfrom one programming model to another. Possible topics include, but are notlimited to,

         *Language and library implementations.
       * Proposals for, and evaluation of,language extensions.
       * Applications development experiences.
       * Comparisons between programmingmodels.
       * Benchmark Suites and performancestudies.
       * Debuggers and performance analysistools.
       * Compiler Implementation andOptimization.
       * Optimization Techniques.
       * Hybrid Models (OpenMP-MPI etc.)

Pleasesubmit full papers via the PPAM Conference submission system (formatted according tothe PPAM specification), not previously published or submitted forpublication elsewhere. Please acknowledge the workshop chair (addressbelow) by sending an email include a cover page with the title, abstract,names and e-mail of the authors. Please submit pdf-files.


Paper due April26, 2015
Notificationof acceptance June5, 2015
Finalversion of the paper due Nov. 15, 2015


Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Email:WLPP15 at yahoo.com


TarekEl-Ghazawi           GeorgeWashington U., USA
DavidSeme                  U. de Picardie Jules Verne, France
FredericGava                 U. de Paris XII-Val de Marne, France
MartinBucker                Friedrich Schiller U. Jena, Germany
KojiNakano                   Hiroshima University, Japan
PrzemyslawStpiczynski   Marie Curie Sklodowska U., Poland
AdamMeissner               PoznanU. of Technology, Poland
TamitoKajiyama            CITI, DI/FCT, U.Nova de Lisbon, Portugal                               
ParimalaThulasiraman     University of Manitoba,Canada 
ClaudiaFohry                 University of Kassel, Germany
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