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The 9th International Conference on Partitioned

Global Address Space Programming Models (PGAS 2015)

*http://pgas.org/conference <http://pgas.org/conference>*

September 16-18, 2015

George Washington University

Washington DC, USA

**Early Registration Deadline: September 4th

*About the Conference*

Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) programming models offer a shared
address space model that simplifies programming while exposing data thread
locality to enhance performance. This facilitates the development of
programming models that can deliver both productivity and performance. The
PGAS conference is the premier forum to present and discuss ideas and
research developments in the area of: PGAS models, languages, compilers,
runtimes, applications and tools, PGAS architectures and hardware features.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   - Applications. New applications that are uniquely enabled by the PGAS
   model, existing applications and effective application development
   practices for PGAS codes.
   - Performance. Analysis of application performance over various
   programming models.
   - Developments in Programming Models and Languages. PGAS models,
   language extensions, and hybrid models to address emerging architectures,
   such as multicore, hybrid, heterogeneous, SIMD and reconfigurable
   - Tools, Compilers, and Implementations. Integrated Development
   Environments, performance analysis tools, and debuggers. Compiler
   optimizations for PGAS languages, low level libraries, memory consistency
   models. Hardware support for PGAS languages, performance studies and
   insights, productivity studies, and language interoperability.
   - Architectures. System Architectures, Networks, and Memory
   Architectures designed to enhance and enable PGAS programming models.

The PGAS Programming Models Conference is dedicated to the presentation and
discussion of research work in this field. Papers should report on original
research, and should include enough background material to make them
accessible to the entire PGAS research community. Papers describing
experiences should indicate how they illustrate general principles; papers
about parallel programming foundations should indicate how they relate to

*Keynote Speakers:*

·    *Vivek Sarkar*, Rice University (September 18th)

   - Title: The Role of Global Address/Name Spaces in Extreme Scale
      Computing and Analytics

·    *John Shalf*, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

   - Title: TBA

*Invited Speakers:*

·    Brad Chamberlain, Cray Inc.

·    Mike Chu, AMD

·    Rich Graham, Mellanox

·    Jeff Hammond, Intel

·    Olivier Tardieu, IBM


Topic: The Top Challenges for PGAS in Exascale-Era
Moderator: Tyler A Simon, Laboratory for Physical Sciences
Panelists: TBD

*Tutorials* *(on September 16, 2015): *

*Tutorial #1 (AM):* PGAS and Hybrid MPI+PGAS Programming Models on Modern
HPC Clusters with Accelerators, Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda and Khaled
Hamidouche (The Ohio State University)

*Tutorial #2 (AM)* -  Productive Programming in Chapel: A
Computation-Driven Introduction by Brad Chamberlain and Michael Ferguson
(Cray, Inc.)

*Tutorial #3 (PM):* Developing Parallel C++ Applications with Modern PGAS
Features in UPC++, Kathy Yelick (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and
University of California at Berkeley), Yili Zheng (Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory), and Amir Kamil (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

*Registration: *

Registration information available at:


Early registration fees applies until September 4th

*Hotel and Travel: *

Information about the conference venue is available




*More Information:*

More information about the conference is available:


*Technical Sponsorship: *

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