[hpc-announce] At HiPEAC 2016 - First Workshop on High-Level Programming Methods and Directives for Multicore and Manycore systems (HPM4MMS)

Sunita Chandrasekaran sunita at cs.uh.edu
Thu Aug 6 11:51:54 CDT 2015

First Workshop on High-Level Programming Methods and Directives for
Multicore and Manycore systems (HPM4MMS) ON Jan 20, 2016

co-located with HiPEAC 2016
January 18-20, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

As heterogeneous node architectures are becoming more prevalent for
mainstream computing systems, the requirement for simple and platform
portable programming methods manifests in a number of different programming
strategies. Application developers that want to migrate existing to or
develop new applications for these novel platforms, are looking for
best-practice approaches that offer a reasonable results in a short period
of development time. As a result domain specific languages as well as
directive based programming methods are welcome strategies when targeting
heterogeneous system architectures, since they can abstract the underlying
hardware specific details of low-level programming approaches and have
shown to offer very good productivity. The holy grail for all such
strategies is to achieve not only a platform portability but also offer an
application performance the is comparable to the low-level programming
models on multiple platforms without code changes. The proposed workshop
will solicit papers and presentations both on the methodology of these
approaches as well as best-practice experiences from early adopters.

Topics of interest for workshop submissions include (but are not limited

*Directives-based programming models for current and emerging systems*

   - Ideas and implementations for language extensions
   - Language extensions or programming strategies for memory hierarchies
   - Interoperability and Composability with low-level APIs
   - Users’ experiences and implementations

*Scientific libraries interoperability with directive-based programming

   - Exploring high-level prescriptive or descriptive programming approaches
   - Hybrid programming approaches (OpenMP + MPI, MPI +X, MPI + OpenACC and
   so on)
   - Task-based programming (asynchronous execution, scheduling)
   - Translating to low-level API, design approaches and challenges
   - Experiences developing applications for current and emerging systems
   - Challenges in maintaining a portable yet single code base
   - Debugging, performance evaluation and benchmark studies
   - Energy/Power-aware compiler and runtime optimizations for current and
   emerging systems

*The expected outcome from the workshop will include:*

   - Provide a venue to present and discuss novel features/extensions to
   directive-based programming models, their implementation complexities and
   how these can address the challenges of programming emerging architectures
   - Present success stories and case studies of using such directive-based
   APIs on applications belonging to more than one domain, on HPC systems
   - Gather feedback from the implementers and users for directive-based
   approaches including OpenACC, OpenMP, and other related technologies
   including hybrid approaches
   - Enable discussions on proposing newer extensions to programming models
   for managing memory hierarchies
   - Establishing interactions between application scientists and compiler
   - Deliver input to the standard and language bodies to support the
   ongoing development of directive-based programming model

*Use EasyChair to submit your paper:*


Workshop website will be updated on details of the proceedings.

*Important Dates*

   - Paper Submission Deadline – October 23rd, 2015
   - Author notification: December 4th, 2015
   - Final Camera Ready: December 11th, 2015

*Program Chair and Co-Chairs*

Christian Terboven, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Guido Juckeland, TU Dresden, Germany
Robert Henschel, Indiana University, USA
Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Houston, USA

*Steering Committee*

Matthias Muller, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Rosa Badia, BSC, Spain
Barbara Chapman, University of Houston, USA
Jeff Vetter, ORNL, USA

*Program Committee*

Torsten Hoefler (ETH, Zurich)
Michael Klemm (Intel, Germany)
Mark Govette (NOAA, USA)
Costas Bekas (IBM, Switzerland)
Sandra Wienke (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
Adrian Jackson (EPCC, UK)
Andreas Knuepfer (TU Dresden, Germany)
Felix Wolf (TU, Darmstadt)
Saber Feki (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)
Bora Ucar (CNRS and ENS Lyon, France)
Toni Collis (EPCC, UK)
Luc Bouge (ENS Cachan, France)
Steven Olivier (Sandia National Laboratory, USA)
Henri Jin (NASA-Ames, USA)
Will Sawyer (CSCS, ETH, Zurich)

*Questions?  Please contact one of the workshop organizers:*

Christian Terboven, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
<terboven at itc.rwth-aachen.de?subject=HPM4MMS%20workshop%20question>

Guido Juckeland, TU Dresden, Germany
<guido.juckeland at tu-dresden.de?subject=HPM4MMS%20workshop%20question>

Robert Henschel, Indiana University, USA
<henschel at iu.edu?subject=HPM4MMS%20workshop%20question>

Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Houston, USA
<sunisg123 at gmail.com?subject=HPM4MMS%20workshop%20question>
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