[hpc-announce] Smart World Summit (share with 10+ IEEE Fellows keynotes), 2 days left for main confernces paper submission

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Sun Apr 19 03:36:16 CDT 2015

Dear friends

Smart World Summit will be held during SWC2015 (Aug.10-14, Beijing, China).



2 days left for the 4 IEEE Confernces paper submission:

The 12th IEEE International Conference on Advanced and Trusted Computing (ATC 2015)

          Website: http://www.cybermatics.org/SWC2015/ATC/ATC2015.htm 

The 15th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications (ScalCom 2015)

          Website: http://www.cybermatics.org/SWC2015/ScalCom/ScalCom2015.htm 

The IEEE International Conference on Cloud and Big Data Computing (CBDCom 2015)


The IEEE International Conference on Internet of People (IoP 2015)

         Website: http://www.cybermatics.org/SWC2015/IoP/IoP2015.htm

          Tracks:   1.Biometric Sensors and Identification 

                      2.Wearable Technology and Body Sensor Networks 

                     3.Brain Informatics Sensing and Processing 

                     4.Social Computing, Social Internet of Things and Swarm Intelligence Networks 

                     5.Human-centric Cyber-Physical Systems 

                     6.Internet of Thinking and Creation 

                     7.Crowd Sensing, Sourcing and Wisdom 

                     8.Affective Computing 

                     9.Brain-Computer Interface/Brain-Machine Interface 

                     10.IoP System Modeling, Simulation and Optimization 

                     11.e-Learning and MOOCs 

                     12.Mobile and Smart Healthcare 

                     13.Deep Learning and Urban Computing 

                     14.IoP Applications, Implementation,Exploitation and Challenges 

                     15.Security, Privacy and Trust Issues in IoP 

                     16.IoP Social and Ethical Issues 

Special Issue

Science China Information Sciences( 2013 IF=0.702 )

Future Generation Computer Systems( 2014 IF=2.639 )
Facta Universitatis, Series( 2014 IF=2.01 )
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks( 2014 IF=0.923 )
Springer Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (PUC, 2013 IF=1.616)
Elsevier Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (CEUS,SCI-indexed)
Journal of Internet Technology( 2013 IF=0.418 )
International Journal of Communication Systems( 2014 IF=1.106 )
ACM/Springer Mobile Networks & Applications (MONET,2013 IF=1.496 )
IEEE Cloud Computing
Information System (Elsevier, 2014 IF=1.235)
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience( 2013 IF=0.784 )
International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies (SCI-indexed)

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