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April 6, 2015 Release

IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing
September 8-11, 2015
Chicago, IL, USA

The IEEE Cluster 2015 provides a forum for both academia and industry
professionals to present their latest research findings in all aspects
of cluster, cloud, and grid technologies in the form of a posters,
which will be included in the conference proceedings. Posters will be
presented during the same session, during the conference.
Additionally, authors may submit posters for publication on the web.

The topics of interest are the same as in the Call for Papers.
Area 1: Application, Algorithms, and Libraries
* HPC Applications on Clusters
* Performance Modeling and Measurement
* Novel Algorithms on Clusters
* Hybrid programming techniques (MPI+OpenMP, MPI+OpenCL, etc.)
* Cluster Benchmarks
* Application-level libraries on clusters
* Effective use of clusters in novel applications
* Performance evaluation tools

Area 2: Architecture, Network/Communications, and Management
* Energy-efficient cluster architectures
* Node and system architecture
* Packaging, power and cooling
* GPU/ManyCore and heterogeneous clusters
* Interconnect/memory architectures
* Single system image clusters
* Administration and maintenance tools

Area 3: Programming and System Software
* Cluster System Software/Operating Systems
* Cloud-enabling cluster technologies and virtualization
* Energy-efficient middleware
* Cluster system-level Protocols and APIs
* Cluster Security
* Resource and job management
* Programming and Software Development Environment on Clusters
* Fault tolerance and high-availability

Area 4: Data, Storage, and Visualization
* Cluster Architecture for Big Data storage and processing
* Middleware for Big Data management
* Cluster-based Cloud Architecture for Big Data
* File systems and I/O libraries
* Support and Integration of Non-Volatile Memory
* Visualization clusters and tiled displays
* Big Data visualization tools
* Programming models for Big Data processing
* Big Data Application studies on cluster architectures

Participants submitting proceedings-published posters are required to
submit a short paper (2 pages) describing the poster content, the
research supporting it, and the relevance and importance to the
cluster, cloud, and grid computing community. If accepted, this short
paper will be published in the proceedings of the conference.

Participants submitting web-published posters are required to submit a
short 1-page extended abstract. These abstracts will not be included
in the conference proceedings.

Both proceedings-published and web-published posters will be displayed
during the conference. We encourage accepted authors of demos to
prepare a poster to accompany their demo. All accepted posters
(including posters prepared for demos) will be posted on the
conference website.

The recommended poster size is A1 (594mm by 841mm, portrait).

Submitted manuscripts should be structured as technical papers and may
not exceed 1 (web published) or 2 (proceedings published) letter size
(8.5 x 11) pages including figures, tables and references using the
IEEE format for conference proceedings.

See formatting templates for details:

* LaTex Package ZIP
* Word Template DOC and PDF

Please submit your posters via the EasyChair submission system:


May 15, 2015 (extended) Posters Submission Deadline
May 9, 2015 Papers Acceptance Notification

Several travel awards are sponsored by the National Science Foundation
for students enrolled in American institutions who participates in the
Student Mentoring Program
(http://www.mcs.anl.gov/ieeecluster2015/student-program/). Students
with accepted posters or papers must also apply to and participate in
the Student Mentoring Program to be eligible for the travel award. The
deadlines for the Student Mentoring Program application are at
Notice of travel awards will be made prior to the conference. The
travel awards will be distributed post-conference in the form of
reimbursements against actual travel, registration, and accommodation
expenses submitted by the student. The travel award will be contingent
on the participating of the awarded student in the Student Mentoring
Program at Cluster 2015.

Seetharami Seelam, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (sseelam AT us.ibm.com).

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