[hpc-announce] DEADLINE EXTENSION: Workshop on Optimizing Stencil Computations 2014

Shoaib Kamil skamil at mit.edu
Thu Sep 4 08:49:56 CDT 2014

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DEADLINE EXTENSION: Workshop on Optimizing Stencil Computations (part of
SPLASH 2014)

Stencil computations describe an important computational pattern that
appears in a large variety of applications, including image
processing, physical simulation, and linear algebra solvers. Because
of their importance and wide usage, much effort is devoted to
optimizing these kinds of computations on hardware that ranges from
the largest supercomputers to handheld devices such as smartphones.
Though conceptually simple, these computations have been traditionally
difficult for general compilers to optimize, due to their
difficult-to-analyze dependence structure and because the computations
span many domains, each with different requirements for optimization
and different tradeoffs. Thus, much of the real-world code used for
stencil computations is hand-optimized for a particular application on
a particular piece of hardware.

In recent years, a number of efforts have tried to automatically
optimize stencil computations using general compilers, code
generators, domain-specific languages, run-time systems, just-in-time
compilation, and other strategies. This workshop aims to bring
together these efforts along with users of stencils that require
optimization to further the state of the art and promote a variety of
research strategies for this important domain. Topics of interest
include, but are not limited to, the following:

- memory and computational characterization of stencil applications
- benchmarking
- domain-specific optimizations, languages, and compilers for stencils
- polyhedral stencil optimization
- optimization of stencils for accelerators and other hardware
- parallel & distributed stencil optimization
- general compiler support for optimizing stencils
- code generation & auto-tuning for stencils
- static analysis, synthesis & verification of stencil computations
- high-level libraries & frameworks
- frameworks, languages, & optimizations for composing stencils
- multigrid & AMR-specific stencil optimizations

Submissions should be a maximum of 7 pages (not including references)
in the ACM SIGPLAN format, default 9pt font. Proceedings will be
published in the ACM
Digital Library.

*Important Dates*
Submission Deadline: EXTENDED to 15 Sept 2014 11:59PM PDT
Notification: 21 September 2014
Workshop: 20 October 2014
Final Submission for Accepted Papers: 30 October 2014

*Submission Instructions*
See http://2014.splashcon.org/track/wosc-2014

*Organizing Committee*
Shoaib Kamil, MIT CSAIL
Saman Amarasinghe, MIT CSAIL
P. Saday Sadayappan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Ohio State University

*Program Committee*
Matthias Christen, Universita della Svizzera Italiana
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Stanford
Brian Van Straalen, ANAG/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Samuel Williams, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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