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Call for Papers

Special Issue on

Sequential Code Parallelization

International Journal of Parallel Programming

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Alexandru Nicolau



Parallelization is now the standard way of computing. To bridge the gap between parallel hardware resources and the performance/cost, programmers must reform applications with the target parallel architecture knowledge. It means writing parallel programs is much more difficult and unnatural than writing sequential codes. However, the traditional automatic instruction-level parallelism will not make full use of the state-of-the-art hardware architectures, especially for cutting-edge applications and future trends in parallel computing for various platforms. This special issue addresses all aspects of Sequential Code Parallelization. Authors are invited to submit original papers, and the main scopes of interest are (but not limited to):

l         Automatic extraction of parallelism

l         Dataflow execution model and phase analysis methodologies

l         Instruction-level parallelism, task-level parallelism, thread-level parallelism, or hybrid levels of parallelism.

l         Software transactional memory

l         Speculative Parallelization, Software Pipelines, high level Superscalar techniques.

l         Parallel programming models for homogenous and heterogeneous Multicore/Manycore platforms (e.g.OpenCL, MapReduce, OpenMP…)

l         Hardware/software codesign in parallelization

l         Out-of-order execution schemes

l         Parallelization for emerging big data applications (e.g. big data, bioinformatics, deep learning, data mining)

l         Debugging, Verification and Performance Tuning for parallelization execution.

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Conference papers presented at ISPA 2014 and EUC 2014 may only be submitted if the paper was completely re-written or substantially extended (30%). The papers should be submitted via the Manuscript Central website and should adhere to standard formatting requirements.

Authors should submit their journal version at Manuscript Central adhering to the formatting instructions on the journal Web page and indicate that you are submitting to the Special Issue on Sequential Code Parallelization on the first page and in the field "Author's Cover Letter:" in manuscript central. For additional questions please send an email to the Guest Editors.

Time Table:
Paper submission: November 30, 2014
1st round review notification: March 31, 2015
1st revision due: May 30, 2015
2nd round review notification: July 15, 2015
2nd revision due: August 15, 2015
Final acceptance: September 15, 2015

Please notice that the scheduled review dates are approximate dates and subject to change. We will kindly inform you about the review results as soon as a decision was made. Questions regarding the disclosure of the review results should be addressed to the Managing Guest Editor via saintwc at mail.ustc.edu.cn.

Guest Editors:

Chao Wang,

Department of Computer Science

University of Science and Technology of China

Email:saintwc at mail.ustc.edu.cn, chao.wang at ieee.org

Home Page: http://home.ustc.edu.cn/~saintwc


Nadia Nedjah

Department of Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications

State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

E-mail:nadia at eng.uerj.br

Home Page: http://www.eng.uerj.br/~nadia/english.html


Luiza M. Mourelle,

Systems Engineering & Computation, State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ

Email:ldmm at eng.uerj.br
Home Page: http://www.eng.uerj.br/~ldmm


Aili Wang

School of Software Engieering

University of Science and Technology of China

Email:wangal at ustc.edu.cn


Best Regards

Chao Wang
Embedded System Lab, School of Computer Science
University of Science and Technology of China
No.188,Ren'ai Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China 215123
cswang at ustc.edu.cn
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