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IEEE  Workshop on Networks and Systems for Agriculture (Agrinets 2015)

The use of information level intelligence to complement innovation in the
agricultural domain is inhibited by the non-existence of a closed-loop
informatics solution that allows information gathering, processing and
analyzing, decision making, observing consequences, and feeding back for
forecasting. To manage precision agriculture over a wide area one needs to
develop and deploy robust convergent platforms to process information,
fuse, summarize, reason, learn, predict, and deliver actionable
intelligence in a timely fashion. The informatics-based intelligence
enabled by such platforms can fundamentally transform agricultural
practices that can lead to higher yield, more efficient utilization of
natural resources, prevention of unforeseen calamities, and crop quality
improvement. A robust convergent platform for closed loop acquisition of
ground data enables performing analytics and inference to create timely
actionable intelligence that can be delivered to field workers,
agro-researchers, and farmers through a "knowledge network".

This workshop brings together experts in sensor networking, communication,
analytics, bigdata, and inference, software engineering, agricultural
economics, and remote sensing to discuss this problem, and present the
state-of-the-art in the use of informatics-based solutions for accelerating
innovation in agriculture and inspire social entrepreneurship in this

*The key questions that the workshop will focus on are:*

   - Can automated way of collecting and communicating ground information
   together with intelligence analysis help the Agro sector?
   - Can intelligent networks and systems compliment current manual/lab
   test based information?
   - Can networks and systems help answer the following questions?
      - How to increase specific crop productivity
      - How to introduce precision farming
      - How to forecast crop yield
      - What factors lead crop yield and crop quality
      - How to decide on irrigation, fertilizer, pesticide application
      - How to cross learn from growth patterns to add efficiency
      - How to monitor and detect root causes of toxins in food
      - How to maximize crop quality
      - How to increase food conservation in cold storage
      - How to reclaim wastelands damaged by flood, etc.
      - How to calculate agroinsurance
      - How to map and control soil/water arsenic content
      - Topics of Interest:
      - Sensor Networks
      - Disadvantaged Networks
      - Combining remote sensing with networks
      - Distributed learning and inference
      - GPRS and other technologies
      - Mobile systems
      - Cyberphysical Systems
      - Farmer education in rural areas
      - Content Delivery
      - Deployment and case studies
   Important Deadlines
   *Paper Submission*4th November 2014*Deadline for Notification*16th
   November 2014*Final Version Due*23rd November 2014*Workshop Date*6th
   January 2015
   Submission Guidelines

   *AGRINETS 2015* solicits paper submissions of up to *6 pages* in length,
   including all figures, tables, and references. All papers must be
   electronically submitted via the submission site on EasyChair
   <https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=agrinets2015> in PDF. The
   proceedings will be published by IEEE Xplore and will include the final
   papers of up to 6 pages in length. All technical papers must be associated
   with an author registration at the full rate. For authors presenting
   multiple papers, one full registration is valid for up to three papers.
   IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the
   workshop (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at
   the workshop.

   *Overall appearance:* Submitted papers should adhere to the appearance
   of the standard IEEE *twocolumn* format that is used for IEEE

   *Margins:* Papers must use a 10pt font on US Letter paper with margins
   no smaller than 0.75in for the top margin, 1.0in for the bottom margin, and
   0.625in for side margins.

   *Templates:* Depending on whether you are using LaTeX or Microsoft Word
   for formatting your paper, you can download the relevant templates that
   incorporate the formatting specifications at

   Paper Submission

   Full papers must be submitted using the *EasyChair* submission system.
   If you don't have an EasyChair account, the link will allow you to create

   After submitting your paper you will receive an automated reply from
   EasyChair. Some email systems may filter this email as spam - it is *very
   important* that you check if this is happening, and rectify it.
   Subsequent emails about your submission will be sent via EasyChair, and it
   is important that you receive them. Please direct any questions to the
   Workshop Co-Chairs.

   *To submit a paper for the AGRINETS 2015 Workshop, please use the
   following link:*

   *EasyChair URL:* https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=agrinets2015

   *Note:* All Workshop papers (full papers - both regular and invited)
   WILL appear in *IEEE Xplore.*
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