[hpc-announce] CFP Tools workshop at ICCS 2015 in Iceland

Andreas Knüpfer andreas.knuepfer at tu-dresden.de
Fri Nov 21 10:41:26 CST 2014

Call for papers

	15th workshop for Tools for Program Development and 
	Analysis in Computational Science (see http://www.lrz.de/iccs2015/)

in conjunction with the ICCS 2015 conference  in Reykjavik, Iceland, June 1-3, 
2015 (see http://www.iccs-meeting.org/iccs2015/).

The workshop topics are:
 * Tools for parallel or HPC related tasks in general
 * Problem solving environments for specific application domains
 * Application building and software construction tools
 * Domain-specific analysis tools
 * Program visualization and visual programming tools
 * On-line monitoring and computational steering tools
 * Requirements for (new) tools emerging from the application domain
 * Tools for parallel, distributed and network-based computing
 * Testing and debugging tools
 * Performance analysis and tuning tools
 * (Dynamic) Instrumentation and monitoring tools
 * Data (re-)partitioning and load-balancing tools
 * Checkpointing and restart tools
 * Tools for resource management, job queuing and accounting

Please submit papers of up to 10 pages until December 15.

See http://www.lrz.de/iccs2015/ for all details or contact Andreas Knüpfer 
<andreas.knuepfer at tu-dresden.de>

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