[hpc-announce] Eurosys 2015 CFP

Julia Lawall julia.lawall at lip6.fr
Fri May 30 10:01:17 CDT 2014

Call for papers

The European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys) is a premier
international forum for presenting computer systems research, broadly
construed. EuroSys 2015 seeks papers on all areas of computer systems
research, including, but not limited to:

    Cloud computing
    Database systems
    Dependable systems
    Distributed systems
    File and storage systems
    Language support and runtime systems
    Mobile and pervasive systems
    Networked systems
    Operating systems
    Parallelism, concurrency, and multicore systems
    Real-time, embedded, and cyber-physical systems
    Secure systems, privacy and anonymity preserving systems
    Tracing, analysis, and transformation of systems
    Virtualization systems

Papers will be judged on novelty, significance, correctness, and
clarity. We encourage papers that bridge research in different
communities. We also welcome experience papers that clearly articulate
lessons learnt and papers that refute prior published results. Papers will
be provisionally accepted and final acceptance is subject to shepherding by
a member of the program committee.

Reviewing will be double-blind, meaning the authors' identities will be
hidden from the reviewers. EuroSys applies ACM's policies for plagiarism,
submission confidentiality, reviewer anonymity, and prior and concurrent
paper submission.

Full submission details will be published online at the conference web
site. In addition to paper presentations, EuroSys 2015 will have a poster
session. Submissions for posters will open closer to the conference
deadline. Accepted papers will automatically qualify for the poster
session, and authors will be strongly encouraged to participate. In
addition, accepted papers will be made available to the public one week
before the conference.

Authors who are unsure whether or not their submissions might meet these
guidelines, or with specific questions about the guidelines, are welcome to
contact the program committee co-chairs, via eurosys2015-chairs at labri.fr.

Important dates

Abstract Submission 	September 26, 2014
Full paper Submission 	October 3, 2014

Program committee co-chairs

    Tim Harris, Oracle Labs
    Maurice Herlihy, Brown University

Program committee members

    Gustavo Alonso, ETH Zürich
    Mona Attariyan, Google
    Sorav Bansal, IIT Delhi
    Miguel Castro, Microsoft Research
    Rong Chen, Shanghai JiaoTong University
    Aleksandar Dragojevic, Microsoft Research
    Roxana Geambasu, Columbia University
    Andreas Haeberlen, University of Pennsylvania
    Wenjun Hu, Yale
    Frans Kaashoek, MIT
    Panos Kalnis, KAUST
    Rüdiger Kapitza, Technische Universität Braunschweig
    Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Inria
    Christoph Kirsch, Salzburg
    Dejan Kostic, IMDEA Networks
    Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford
    Julia Lawall, Inria/LIP6
    Wyatt Lloyd, Facebook / University of Southern California
    Harsha V. Madhyastha, UC Riverside
    Derek McAuley, Horizon, U Nottingham
    Thomas Moscibroda, Microsoft Research
    Derek G. Murray, Microsoft Research
    Thomas Neumann, Technische Universität München
    Mathias Payer, Purdue University
    Fernando Pedone, University of Lugano
    Simon Peter, University of Washington
    Don Porter, Stony Brook University
    Oriana Riva, Microsoft Research
    Amitabha Roy, EPFL
    Mark Silberstein, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
    Asia Slowinska, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Susan Spence, HP Labs
    Swaminathan Sundararaman, Fusion IO
    Michael Swift, UW Madison
    Serdar Tasiran, Koç University
    Dan Tsafrir, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
    Michael Vrable, Google
    Robert N. M. Watson, University of Cambridge

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